How to Use Car Diffuser Bottles

Creative Ways to Use Car Diffuser Bottles

A car diffuser bottle is a small glass bottle you fill with scented oil. They have wooden lids that are designed to absorb and disperse the scent. Despite being called a car diffuser, these little bottles are great for enhancing the aroma in any small space! Below, get some inspiration for using car diffuser bottles. 

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Office Air Freshener

In the Office 

Diffuser bottles work great for freshening up your cubicle or home office. Use the strings to hang the bottle on a corkboard or any other item in your office. You can also simply place the bottle on your desk without using the cord. 

Because of their small size, car fresheners usually don’t spread their aroma very far. This is great because you can typically enjoy the scent without affecting your neighbors at work. However, it’s a good idea to check with your coworkers if the aroma bothers them before keeping your diffuser out all the time. 

Locker Air Freshener

Locker Air Freshener 

Whether it’s your gym locker, school locker, or a storage locker, these cramped spaces can quickly start smelling funky. Hanging a car diffuser bottle on one of your locker hooks is a great way to keep odors at bay. 

Citrus scents like Lemon or Pink Grapefruit are ideal for hiding unpleasant odors. This can be a fun opportunity to experiment with blending your own fragrances. Single-note fragrances like lemon and grapefruit smell great on their own, but are also wonderful mixed with other fragrances for a custom blend. 

Learn more about blending custom fragrances in our blog!

Cabinet Air Freshener

Cabinets and Storage Areas

Any small, enclosed space can develop odors. Pantries, storage chests, and cabinets can all benefit from an air freshener. These areas are good places to experiment with essential oil car diffusers. Making a diffuser with essential oil is a super easy way to make an all-natural air freshener. This is ideal if you want to freshen a space where you store food, like a pantry closet. 

These little bottles also work great under the sink and in other areas that can get funky. If you have an RV or trailer, you can also keep cabinets and closets fresh by using diffuser bottles!

Closet Air Freshener

Keep Closets Fresh 

Clothes can easily develop a musty odor when stored in a closet for a long time. One of the best ways to keep your clothes smelling fresh is to use an air freshener in the closet. Hanging a car air freshener bottle on a hook will keep the space smelling amazing. 

You can use fragrance oils or essential oils to make your air freshener. No matter what scent you use, keep in mind that you don’t want the bottle to come in contact with fabric or other soft surfaces. Diffuser bottles work by saturating the wood lid with scented oil. If the lid touches porous surfaces, the oil can transfer to the material and cause staining.

Car Diffuser Bottle Bathroom

Mini Bathroom Diffuser 

Reed diffusers are super popular to use in bathrooms. However, a car diffuser bottle can also work great. Place a diffuser bottle on a shelf or keep it in a cabinet out of sight. Either way, the fragrance will keep your space smelling fresh.

Keep in mind car diffuser bottles work best in small spaces. If you have a large bathroom, you’ll get better results by using 2-3 bottles in the room placed in various locations.

For more tips, be sure to read our blog on making diffusers with fragrance oil, which includes a video tutorial.

How to Use Diffuser Bottles
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