Placing an Order

What is your current order processing time?

You can view our most up-to-date processing time by looking at the status bar at the top of our website. The status bar is updated regularly to reflect our current processing times, and always shows the most accurate estimate. 

Please note that processing times generally increase when we run sales and other promotions. There may also be extended processing times during the holiday season (typically October through December). 

Any estimate on our order processing time is not a guarantee. Furthermore, processing time does not include shipping time. Orders are always processed as quickly as possible, but any shipping delays with UPS or USPS are outside of our control. 


Can I pay extra to have my order processed more quickly?

We do not have an option for expediting your order through our warehouse. 


Can I add, change or cancel items in an order?

Orders cannot be edited once they are submitted. As such, you cannot add or remove an item from an order once it is finalized. This policy exists so that we can ensure accuracy of all orders while also maintaining fulfillment times. You cannot change your shipping address after you place an order, unless you are changing your shipping address to the billing address you entered. This is because our system verifies payment information with the address on file for your credit card to help protect against fraud.
Order cancellations are not allowed. As we understand mistakes can happen, a one-time exception may possibly be granted but not guaranteed.
If we are able to make a one time exception, cancellation requests are only accepted within 12 hours of placing an order and are subject to a $15 cancellation fee. You must contact us by email within 12 hours to cancel your order. Please note that the 12-hour cancellation deadline applies to all orders, including orders placed at night, on holidays and on weekends. If it has been more than 12 hours, it is not possible to cancel your order because it will have already entered the fulfillment process. 


I ordered multiples of the same item. Why are they combined into one, and how can I prevent that? 

If you order multiple ounces of fragrance or multiple pounds of wax (and other similar products), we automatically combine these products into one container or bag, as appropriate. This is our policy in order to save on materials and packaging time. For example, if you add 8x 1 fl oz of the same fragrance to your cart, we will package it in one 8 oz bottle. Likewise, if you were to order 3x 5lbs of soy wax, we would package it in one 15lb bag. 

If for any reason you need individual bottles or bags or wax etc., you must specify your request by leaving a note on your order before checking out. 


Can I add a note to my order?

You have the option of adding a note before you submit your order. Click “Order Instructions” on the checkout page to add a note. Notes will appear on your invoice. Please be aware that notes are only seen by our staff, and are not visible to shipping carriers (UPS or USPS). 

Typical notes include: 

  • Specifying which fragrances you want if you order our Fragrance Oil Sample Pack. Please note you cannot request specific fragrances for pre-assembled sample packs such as the Super Sample Pack, Pumpkin Lovers Sample Pack, Christmas Sample Pack, New Fragrance Sample Pack, etc. 
  • Requesting that we do not include a scented wax melt in your order. 
  • Requesting that multiples of the same item are not combined into one (see above question). 

Why didn’t I get an order confirmation email? 

Order confirmation emails may be delivered to your spam or junk folder. Please check these folders before contacting customer service. If you have more than one email address, but do not remember which one you entered when checking out, please be sure to check the inbox and junk folder for each email address before contacting us. Spelling errors in your email address can also result in delivery confirmation emails being undeliverable. 

I received the wrong item or the wrong quantity of an item. What do I do?

While we do our absolute best to ensure order accuracy, mistakes can still happen. If you receive the wrong type of item or quantity, you must contact us within 7 days to report the error. We will gladly issue the correct item or quantity as appropriate. 

Contact Info & About Us 

Where are you located? 

NorthWood Distributing is located in Belle Plaine, MN, which is just outside Minneapolis. 


Do you have an option to pick up orders in person?

We do not have an in-store pick up option at this time. Our warehouse is not open to the public, and we do not have a retail store. 


How can I get in touch with someone?

Email is our preferred method of communication. Please get in touch at If a phone call is needed, we can be reached at 952-679-4058. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a detailed message so that we are able to provide as much assistance as possible. Please note that because customer service is primarily handled via email, you may receive an email in response to your phone call. 


How soon can I expect a response? 

Most email messages are answered within one business day. If you call, most voicemail messages will receive a response via email or call back within two business days. 

Payment, Prices & Discounts 

Do you have any coupons or discount codes? 

In order to offer the best overall pricing, we only run a few sales per year. Sales and coupon codes are typically announced in our newsletter. The best way to stay in the know is to subscribe to our newsletter by signing up on our website. 

How do I qualify to receive wholesale pricing on your products? 

All of our products are already listed at wholesale prices. However, additional bulk discounts may be available for customers with an established purchase history of $10,000 per year or more. Eligible customers may contact us for additional details on bulk discounts. 

What payment methods are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, CoinBase, or Business Check (may delay shipment).

Sales Tax

In which states do you collect sales tax?

Currently, we only collect sales tax from the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Virginia

If you do not see your state listed here, you do not need to file a tax-exempt form with us at this time. This page will be updated when we begin collecting sales tax in additional states. We will also issue a notification in our newsletter if this list changes. Please refer to this page periodically for any updates.


How do I file a tax-exempt form with you?

If you are a tax-exempt business or non-profit organization based in a state where we collect sales tax, you may file a tax-exempt certificate with us. Please see the question above for a list of states where we currently collect sales tax.

In order to file a tax-exempt certificate, you must first create a customer account with us. See the answer for “How do I create an account?” on this FAQ page if you need assistance making an account. You must have a customer account before we can update your tax status.

Once you have an account created, please send an email to with a copy of your tax-exemption certificate. In your email, please include the email address for the customer account you want to make tax-exempt. Once the information is received, we will notify you when your tax status is updated.

Please note that we are unable to refund any tax paid on previous orders.


Can I upgrade my shipping or change my shipping information? 

No. Shipping cannot be changed after you submit your order. 

Furthermore, you cannot change your shipping address after you place an order, unless you are changing your shipping address to the billing address you entered. This is because our system verifies payment information with the address on file for your credit card to help protect against fraud.  

I paid for expedited shipping. When will my order ship?

Expedited shipping is an option that you can select during checkout. With this option, the shipping provider (UPS or USPS) will ship your order more quickly after it is processed by our warehouse team. 

Please note that choosing expedited shipping does not mean our warehouse team will process your order more quickly. In order to be fair to all of our customers, orders must still be processed in the order they are received. There is not an option for expediting your order through our warehouse in order to have it processed more quickly.  

Why was my package shipped via a different shipping method than I selected? 

At our discretion, we may select a different shipping method than the one you chose during checkout. This is only done when a certain shipping method would be faster or more cost-effective. If you want us to keep the original shipping method you chose, please leave a note on your order. 

Can I choose a preferred shipping method if I qualify for free shipping? 

In order to continue offering the best shipping prices possible, you cannot request a specific shipping method if you qualify for free shipping. We will automatically select the fastest or most cost-effective shipping option for orders that qualify for free shipping. 

My package shipped, but my tracking information hasn’t been updated recently and I’m afraid it’s stuck in transit. What can I do?

Please contact the shipping carrier (UPS or USPS) for assistance before contacting our customer service team. Once a package has been received by the shipping provider, we typically are unable to assist with its deliverability.  

My tracking information says my package was delivered, but I never received it. What do I do?

If you did not receive an order that is marked as delivered, please contact the shipping provider (UPS or USPS) for assistance. We are unable to replace orders that show as delivered, as delivery issues are out of our control. 

If you believe your package has been stolen after it was delivered to your home, a police report should be filed. 

Can I add Signature Required to my order? 

Yes. Signature required will be an additional $6.50 if added and must be paid before shipping. 

Do you ship internationally? What are the costs and custom fees?

We offer international shipping to Canada only. International orders ship via USPS and UPS. International shipping rates are displayed during checkout. Taxes, duties and customs fees vary. Please note that as the buyer, you are responsible for covering any customs or other fees. We cannot issue refunds on international orders that are returned for non-payment of fees.

Can I use a freight forwarding service?

Yes. If you use a freight forwarding service, please be aware that the following policies apply:

  • NorthWood Distributing is not responsible for packages after they are delivered to the freight forwarder. If a package is damaged or lost while in transit to the freight forwarder, you or the freight forwarder must contact us before the items are shipped outside of the U.S. Likewise, if items in your order arrive damaged or the order contains incorrect items, you must contact us before the items are forwarded outside of the U.S. We will not replace items or issue refunds for items once they are taken outside of the U.S. via a freight forwarding service or by hand-carrying.  
  • NorthWood Distributing is not responsible for any customs forms or fees that may be required to import a package to your country of residence. You or your freight forwarder are responsible for completing any necessary paperwork and complying with any regulations that may apply in the destination country.

Is shipping insurance included? How can I buy additional coverage?

We offer shipping insurance on all orders so your packages are protected in the event they are damaged or lost in shipping. This insurance does not cover orders with valid tracking that show as delivered.

If you do not want insurance coverage, you must deselect the insurance or remove it from your cart prior to checking out. If you deselect this insurance coverage, we cannot replace/refund packages that are lost or damaged during shipping. This insurance costs a small fee that increases in increments of $0.50 based on your order's subtotal. Shipping insurance fees are non-refundable. See Terms & Conditions for more details. 

My items were damaged in shipping. What do I do?

All measures are taken to ensure that your products arrive safely, but occasionally damage can still occur during shipping. If your package is damaged, you must contact us within 7 days. Please save all of the original packaging materials so that a claim can be filed with the shipping provider, if applicable. 

If the package itself appears undamaged, but the items inside are damaged, we may issue a replacement or refund at our discretion, provided you contact us within 7 days. 

Order Policies 

What is the return and refund policy?

With some exceptions, returns are accepted for new products in original packaging only for 21 days from the date of delivery. You cannot return fragrance oils, other liquid products, soap making supplies, cosmetic supplies or any other products that can be used for cosmetic use. 

Please contact us for a return authorization before returning any items. Returns without prior authorization are not eligible for a refund. Original shipping charges are not refundable. The buyer is responsible for paying return shipping costs.

Orders returned for any reason are subject to our standard return policy. A 15% restocking fee applies. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Do you accept returns on fragrance oils? 

For hygienic reasons, fragrance oils cannot be returned. We are unable to issue refunds or replacements unless you received the wrong fragrance oil.


Rewards & Account Help

How do I create an account?  

Click the My Account button at the top of our website, and then click Create Your Account. On the next screen, enter your name as well as the email address and password that you want to use while shopping with us. Finally, click Create My Account. Please write down or remember your login details so you can successfully sign in each time you shop. Learn more about our rewards program here

How does the rewards program work?

You earn one point for each dollar you spend on our website while logged into your account. Please note you will not earn rewards if you are not logged into your account when you submit an order. Ensure that you are logged in each time you shop so you can receive rewards. Learn more about our rewards program here

Why didn’t I get rewards points for my order?

You can only receive rewards points if you are logged in when you place your order. We are unable to grant reward points to orders that were placed when you weren’t logged in. 

Why am I unable to log into my account and view my orders?

Orders will only show up on your account page if you were logged in when you placed the order. To ensure that you can review all of your past orders, please make sure you log into your account each time you shop with us. We cannot add past orders to your account if you were not logged in when you placed the order, nor can we add old orders you placed before creating an account.  


How can I find a specific fragrance I’m looking for?

If you know any part of the fragrance oil’s name, start by typing it into the search bar at the top of our website to view the results. You can also search for specific fragrance notes, such as floral, musk or vanilla. 

Our fragrance oils are also organized into several different collections, which makes it easier to find what you're looking for. Learn more about these collections here.

We also have assigned tags to our fragrance oils to make it easier for you to search. On a mobile browser, go to the fragrance oil page and  click “Filter” to select the fragrance notes you’re interested in. On a desktop browser, you can find the filters listed on the left-hand side of the screen. Simply check the boxes next to any you can simply check the boxes next to any fragrance notes you wish to view. 


Are your fragrances skin safe?

Many of our fragrance oils are skin-safe, provided you use them at the correct concentration. Please refer to the IFRA statements on each fragrance page for specific usage requirements. 

How can I access the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for a fragrance?

SDS sheets are available upon request. We are in the process of making this information available directly on our website. 

What can I do if I believe I’ve received the wrong fragrance? 

While we do our best to ensure all fragrances are accurately labeled, mistakes can occur. If you believe you received a fragrance that is mislabeled, please contact us within 7 days to report the error. Although we cannot accept returns on fragrance oils, we may issue a replacement if we determine that you received the wrong fragrance. 


Can you blend a custom fragrance for me? 

We are unable to mix custom fragrance blends for you at this time. However, if you have a specific fragrance that you would like us to begin carrying, please let us know. Our perfumers are able to create duplications and new fragrances for us. 

Choosing Wax, Wicks & Other Products

My wax didn’t come with any instructions. Where can I find information on using my wax?

We provide instructions and basic details on each wax product page. Please view our wax pages for more information. 


Is your wax skin safe? Can I use it for massage purposes?

Because of additional regulations on products made for body use, our wax is sold for candle making only.


Do you have a list of wax ingredients or wax certificates?

All of our waxes are vegan with the exception of beeswax. None of our wax products are tested on animals. Our wax is manufactured in the U.S. by small, custom wax blenders. Because wax blends are proprietary, information is not provided on the specific ingredients and additives, nor is information provided on percentages of different ingredients used. Our manufacturers assure us that the ingredients -- including palm oil -- are responsibly and sustainably sourced; however, certifications and country of origin statements are not provided. 

How do I know which wax to choose?

Each type of wax has properties that make it suitable for different purposes. Most of our waxes are intended to be used in container candles. One exception is our C 55 wax, which is specifically formulated for wax tarts. Please review the description on the product page for more detailed information on each type of wax. 

Do you have any recipes I can make with your products? 

We occasionally share recipes and DIY ideas on our blog. Review our recipe category to view all of our current recipes. 

How do I choose the right wick?

The appropriate wick size depends on numerous factors, including the size of your jar, the type of wax you’re using, fragrance load, the type of fragrance you’re using and more. Due to the number of factors that influence wick performance, it isn’t possible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer about choosing a wick. However, we do provide size guidelines on each wick product page. We are also in the process of creating detailed candle testing guidelines in our blog.   

Inventory & Product Questions 

I ordered a product that I love, but now it is out of stock. How do I get more? 

We occasionally run out of certain items, but we work to restock our products as quickly as possible. Product pages are updated whenever we receive more inventory. If we anticipate that we will be unable to get more of a certain product, we will specify this on the product page. Furthermore, we update product pages whenever a product becomes discontinued. Unfortunately, discontinued products cannot be restocked. 

What containers do your lids fit? 

Lids typically fit a large range of jars from different manufacturers. Please refer to the product page for our Wood Candle Jar Lids and Brushed Silver Lids to view product numbers for compatible jars. If you want to ensure a jar lid will fit, we do sell single lids. We recommend buying one lid and testing it with your jars before ordering a larger quantity. 

Can I suggest an item for you to carry? 

We are always open to suggestions for new products to carry. Please contact us to suggest a new product.