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Callisto - 8ml Car Diffuser Bottles w/ Metal Lid

Callisto - 8ml Car Diffuser Bottles w/ Metal Lid

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8ml Car Diffuser Bottle - Clear Glass w/ Metallic Lid


These glass car diffuser bottles are perfect for making car air fresheners. Our Callisto (pronounced Cah-lis-toh) diffuser bottles come with a wood lid covered with a decorative metallic casing. These wholesale empty car diffuser bottles are perfect for expanding your product line.

To use, simply fill the bottle with up to 7 ml of scented oil, attach the wood lid, and turn the bottle to saturate the wood lid with fragrance. For best results and to prevent spills, replace the plastic stopper before using the diffuser. The fragrance that soaked into the wood lid will slowly release for a long-lasting scent.

To enjoy the scent, hang the diffuser in your car. When it's time to freshen the scent, repeat the process of saturating the wood lid again. Car diffuser oil can be made by mixing fragrances with our Reed Diffuser Base.

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Product Details

  • Height: 1.875" (excluding cord & bead)
  • Width: 1"
  • Volume: 8 ml*
  • Cord Length: 17.5"
  • Max Label Area: 4" x .93" (full-wrap label)

* We recommend filling the diffuser bottle with a maximum of 6-7 ml of scented oil. The bottles will hold 8 ml total, but you will not be able to put the plastic stopper back in if you fill the bottle all the way full. 

Note that one side of the metallic casing has subtle text that reads "Car Perfume"

    Helpful Tips

    • To fill the bottle, unscrew the cap and remove the plastic stopper. Fill with up to 7ml of scented oil, then place the stopper back in the jar for retail-ready packaging.
    • To use, remove the plastic stopper and screw the wood lid back on. Gently rotate the bottle to saturate the wood lid. To prevent over-saturation or spills, replace the plastic stopper in the bottle and put the wood lid back on before using the diffuser in the car.
    • To freshen the scent, simply remove the stopper and saturate the wood lid again.

    Read more about using car diffuser bottles in our blog!

    Limit of 6 single containers per style. All of our car diffuser bottles qualify for the free shipping program!

    Country of Origin: China

    Wholesale Car Perfume Diffuser Bottles from NorthWood Distributing

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