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How to Use Car Diffuser Bottles | Car Perfume Diffusers

If you’ve ever wanted to make a DIY car air freshener, our new hanging car diffuser bottles are perfect for you! A car perfume bottle is a small glass container with a wood lid. They are filled with scented oil that saturates the wood lid. As the diffuser hangs in your car, it slowly releases its aroma to make your car smell amazing! 

Car oil diffusers are incredibly easy to make. They are fun little gifts to give to your friends and family, but if you own a candle or soap business, they’re also a fantastic product to add to your line. If you’re new to car diffuser bottles and want to get started, find all the info you need in this blog! 

How to Make Car Diffuser Oil 

The first step in using a car air diffuser is to make the scented oil. Car diffuser oil can be made from fragrance oils or essential oils. You can use any fragrance or essential oil that you like. 

In addition to fragrance, you will need a base. You can use either our Reed Diffuser Base or our Room Spray Base. Although either base will work fine, we recommend the Reed Diffuser Base, as it will evaporate more slowly and make your diffuser last longer. 

Before making the oil, you will want to determine the volume of the diffuser bottles you are using and decide how many bottles you want to make at once. Our car perfume bottles will comfortably hold up to 7 ml per bottle. 

Car diffuser oil is usually made with 75% Reed Diffuser Base and 25% fragrance oil or essential oil. If you want a lighter scent, use more base and less fragrance. Our Reed Diffuser Base can hold up to 50% fragrance without separating. However, this will smell very strong – even in a small car perfume bottle.  

Once you have a fragrance picked out, simply mix the diffuser base and fragrance together. Funnel Pitchers work great for large batches, or you can use our 3 oz mixing cups to make small batches. Whenever you work with fragrances or essential oils, we recommend wearing gloves

How to Fill and Package a Car Diffuser Bottle 

To fill a car perfume diffuser bottle, you will start by removing the wooden cap and the plastic stopper inside the bottle.

The easiest way to fill a car perfume bottle is to use a pipette. Not only is this neater, it also helps you measure an exact amount of diffuser oil. Simply draw up the scented oil in the pipette and transfer it to the diffuser bottle. 

Unless you are using your diffusers right away, we recommend putting the plastic stopper back in the bottle. This will prevent spills and keep your fragrance fresh until you’re ready to use it. 

Using a Car Diffuser Bottle 

When you’re ready to start using your car perfume, simply unscrew the wood cap and remove the plastic stopper. Next, put the wood lid back onto the bottle and screw it on securely. Gently tip the bottle over so that the oil can soak into the wood cap. Hold the bottle upside down for just 5-10 seconds. Oversaturating the cap can lead to messy spills. 

The last step is to put the plastic stopper back into the bottle. This prevents spills and keeps your fragrance from evaporating too quickly. After putting the stopper back in, screw on the wood lid and hang the bottle in your car. 

Tip: If you want, you can wear gloves to prevent getting fragrance on your hands. It is sometimes difficult to avoid touching the fragrance when handling the plastic stopper. If you don’t want to wear gloves, you may wish to have some paper towels on hand to prevent accidental spills. 

Safety Tips 

Most people like to hang their car perfume diffusers from the rearview mirror. When doing so, be sure that the bottle will not swing and hit the windshield in the event you drive over bumps. 

While hanging items from your rearview mirror is fine in most states, some states do have laws against this. Such laws usually apply to any item hanging from the mirror, and may not specifically mention air fresheners. However, it’s always best to check. Fortunately, there are many other places in a vehicle where you can safely hang car perfume bottles.  

How long do car diffuser oils last? 

Car air diffusers can last for several weeks up to several months depending on the amount of fragrance used and the weather. Scented oils tend to evaporate more quickly in hot weather, so you may notice that your scent fades faster in the summer. 

The best part about using a car perfume diffuser bottle is that you can freshen the scent as soon as it fades. To do this, simply repeat the process of saturating the wood lid with fragrance as described in the section above. We recommend always putting the plastic stopper back in the bottle to prevent spills. 

Can you reuse empty car diffuser bottles? 

Once you use all the oil in your diffuser bottle, you might be wondering what to do. The best thing about our bottles is that they are refillable! As soon as you empty the bottle, you can mix up another batch of diffuser oil and refill the bottle. 

If you sell scented car diffuser bottles, giving your customers a refill option is an excellent idea. Customers love the idea of having an air freshener they can keep using over and over again. 

When refilling a car perfume bottle, be sure to use the same scent you originally used. The wood will retain the aroma even if the oil has all evaporated. 

Other Ways to Use Hanging Car Diffuser Bottles 

A car perfume bottle doesn’t just need to be used in your vehicle! These versatile little bottles can be used to freshen up any small space. Try using them in your closet, bathroom, or office. Hanging car diffuser bottles can be used in just about any location. Just keep in mind that the saturated wood lid may cause staining if it comes in contact with other surfaces. 

Enhancing Car Diffuser Bottles 

Our empty car diffuser bottles are cute all on their own, but there are several things you can do to make them stand out. Here are a few fun ideas: 

  • Tint your diffuser oil with liquid candle dye. Our super-concentrated dyes go a long way, so you only need a tiny amount to color your diffuser oil. 
  • Add dried rose petals or other botanicals to your diffuser oil for a beautiful floral vibe. Just be sure that the petals are submerged in the oil. Any botanicals saturated in oil may develop mold when exposed to the air. 
  • Add small gemstones or gold leaf flakes to your diffuser oil to give your diffusers some sparkle.
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