Recipe: Essential Oil Car Diffusers

Recipe: Essential Oil Car Diffusers

Essential oil car diffusers are fun and easy to make. If you are looking for a gift idea or want to expand your product line, this is a great recipe to try! You only need a few supplies & ingredients to make car diffusers with essential oils. Simply combine your favorite blend of essential oils with reed diffuser base and pour the mixture into a car diffuser bottle.

Head to our blog for our easy Essential Oil Car Diffuser recipe & tutorial!

We love this recipe because there are countless ways to make it your own. When you blend different essential oils together, the possibilities are endless. The recipe includes 3 different essential oil blending ideas, all of which can be made with the essential oils we carry. However, you can also make your own unique blends!

Relaxation Blend

Energizing Blend

Grounding Blend

The recipe explains everything you need to know about mixing the essential oils with our Reed Diffuser Base and adding it to the car diffuser bottles.  

We made this project with our Himalia Car Diffuser Bottles because we liked the natural look of the raw wood. However, you can also use Callisto Car Diffuser Bottles if you want. Both types of bottles will hold the same amount of oil.

Essential oil car diffusers can last for several weeks up to several months depending on how often you use them. When the scent needs to be refreshed, simply saturate the wood lid with the scented oil again. This is a super easy process that is described in the recipe.

Ready to start making? Find the full recipe and tutorial on our blog.

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Base oil?? How much?

Kathy Freeman

Hi Victoria! yes you can mix the essential oils with Reed Diffuser Base. We have this available here:

Robin from NorthWood

Whould I add a base oil to this ? And what kind would I use ?


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