Collection: Single Note Fragrances

Creating your own fragrance blends is easy with our custom fragrance creators! Make your business stand out from the competition when you use our 'single note' fragrances to create exactly the blend you are looking for.

Use custom fragrance blends in candles, soaps, lotions, perfume, body products, and more. Check the IFRA certificate for each fragrance for maximum usage amounts.

Making your custom blend is easy. Simply combine desired parts of fragrance until you get exactly the blend you are looking for. We always suggest weighing fragrance, however measuring in "drops" also works.

We suggest blending a variety of top, middle, and bottom notes in your custom fragrances to give you a deep and complex blend.

Top note fragrances have light molecules that evaporate quickly. These provide the first impression of a scent and are often a driving factor for selling products.

Middle note fragrances are the main body of a fragrance and help transition you to the bottom notes. Once the top notes fade, you can detect the middle notes.

Base note fragrances have heavy molecules that evaporate slowly. Bottom notes provide depth and longevity to a fragrance.

Need inspiration? Check out our Fragrance Blending Ideas and learn more about fragrance notes in our blog.


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