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Looking for the perfect candle making wick? NorthWood carries a huge wick selection of in a full range of sizes. We have more than 150 sizes across 15 different wick series including CDN, ECO, HPSP, LX, Zinc Wicks, and more. You can also find wicks for making your own tea light candles!

Looking for wood wicks? We have you covered with 4 different sizes! Our wood wicks are top performers and consistently get 5-star ratings from customer reviews.

Need to test a new kind of wick? Try one of our sample packs! You can also use our handy Wick Size Chart for guidance choosing wicks for candles.

Already know what wick to use? We carry everything from 10-packs to bulk quantities for large scale candle production. Enjoy wholesale pricing on all our candle wicks!


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