how to use a reed diffuser

How to Use a Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are simple to use. All you need to do is fill your diffuser bottle, insert the reeds, and enjoy the scent. Diffusers are a great way to passively create a nice aroma in your home. They don’t require electricity or a flame, meaning you don’t need to supervise them like candles or wax melts. While reed diffusers are easy to use, we do have a few helpful tips for getting the most out of your diffuser. Below, learn how and where to place a reed diffuser so you can enjoy the strongest possible scent. 

Setting Up a Reed Diffuser 

Whether you’ve made your own DIY reed diffuser oil or purchased a diffuser at the store, it’s easy to put your diffuser together. To set up your reed diffuser, you will need a diffuser bottle, reeds, and your scented diffuser oil.

  1. Carefully pour the oil into the diffuser bottle. You can fill the bottle as full as you like – as long as you leave room for the reeds. Filling the bottle too full will result in the reeds displacing the oil and making it spill out of the bottle. 
  2. Place the reeds into the bottle. You can use any number of reeds as long as there is room for the reeds to fan out from each other. Check out our Reed Diffuser FAQ for more tips on the number of reeds to use. 
  3. Place the reed diffuser in a location that is out of reach from children and pets. 
  4. If you are using rattan diffuser sticks, they need to be flipped every few weeks to keep the scent fresh. Fiber reed diffuser sticks generally don’t need to be flipped. 
  5. Enjoy your reed diffuser until the oil evaporates or the scent completely fades. Most diffusers last for several months up to a year. 
  6. When the diffuser oil has evaporated or lost its scent, remove the reeds and dispose of them. You can clean and reuse the bottle to make more diffusers! 

Reed Diffuser Placement Tips 

A reed diffuser works best in an area where foot traffic and other movement will create airflow. Because diffusers don’t use heat or power, they rely on air flowing through the room to disperse their scent. 

For the strongest aroma possible, place your reed diffuser on a shelf or countertop in an area of your home that you use a lot. For example, putting a diffuser in a hallway, on a kitchen island, or by your main entryway will provide a more consistent flow of air. Placing a diffuser near a vent can also help. If you put a diffuser in the corner of a room or next to items that block gusts of air, it won’t smell quite as strong. 

If you’re having trouble smelling your reed diffuser, try moving it to a different area of the home to see if it helps. In many cases, a reed diffuser that doesn’t smell can be fixed simply by moving it to a new location! 

Reed Diffuser Sizes 

Diffusers come in a variety of sizes. As you might have guessed, smaller reed diffusers will work better in small places, while large ones are more effective at filling a bigger room. If you place a small reed diffuser in a large, open concept area, it may not scent the entire room. When using small reed diffusers, you might find that you need two of them to create a strong aroma in a large room. 

Using a large reed diffuser in an enclosed space can create a different issue. Large diffusers can create an overpowering aroma if used in small bathrooms or closets. If you find the scent to be too strong, move large diffusers into a bigger room. 

Arranging the Reeds 

In addition to choosing the right size of reed diffuser, it helps to arrange the reeds in a way that allows for better airflow. If your reeds are bunched together in the middle, try fanning them out so that more surface area is exposed. 

Keep in mind that reed diffusers work best when there is some room left in the opening of the jar. If you use too many diffuser reeds, it makes it difficult to fan out the sticks. 

Keeping Reed Diffusers Fresh 

If your reed diffuser scent starts to fade, you might be wondering whether you need to flip the reeds or even replace them. Rattan sticks usually need to be flipped weekly to keep the scent fresh. To flip reed diffuser sticks, simply take them out and insert the other end of the stick into the jar. Diffuser sticks become saturated with oil, so you may wish to wear gloves or use a paper towel when flipping them. 

Fiber reed diffuser sticks generally do not need to be flipped. Because of the structure of fiber reeds, fragrances tend to remain potent without flipping. However, you can still flip fiber diffuser sticks if you wish.

Reeds usually last for the entire life of the diffuser. You shouldn’t need to replace diffuser reeds until the oil evaporates and it’s time to start a new diffuser.  Always start new diffusers with fresh reeds. Used sticks should be disposed of.

The only situation where you may need to replace diffuser sticks would be if the reeds become very dusty or dirty. Sticks may also need to be replaced if particles get into your diffuser oil, as this can clog the reeds. If you do need to replace the reeds, don’t worry. Replacement reed diffuser sticks are very affordable. 

Because reeds are saturated with oil, they can attract dust. To keep your reeds fresh for as long as possible, try to dust regularly in the area where you keep your diffuser. If dust does build up on the reeds, wiping them off with a clean cloth may help. 

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