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Himalia - 8ml Car Diffuser Bottles w/ Wood Lid

Himalia - 8ml Car Diffuser Bottles w/ Wood Lid

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8ml Car Diffuser Bottle - Clear Glass w/ Wood Lid


Our glass car diffuser bottles are perfect for making car air fresheners. Our Himalia (pronounced Him-mall-e-ah) car diffusers have a minimalist appearance with sophisticated wood lids. Our wholesale empty car diffuser bottles are perfect for expanding your product line. 

To use, simply fill the bottle with up to 7 ml of scented oil, attach the wood lid, and hang the diffuser in your car for a steady and long-lasting scent. Car diffuser oil can be made by mixing fragrances with our Reed Diffuser Base.

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Product Details

  • Height: 1.75" (excluding cord & bead)
  • Width: 1"
  • Volume: 8 ml*
  • Cord Length: 18"
  • Max Label Area: 4" x .93" (full-wrap label)

* We recommend filling the bottle with a maximum of 6-7 ml of scented oil. While the bottles will hold a total of 8 ml, you will not be able to use the plastic stopper if you fill the bottle all the way full.

Helpful Tips

  • To fill the bottle, unscrew the wood cap and remove the plastic stopper. Fill with up to 8 ml of scented oil, then place the stopper back in the jar for retail-ready packaging.
  • To use, remove the stopper and screw on the wood lid. Gently rotate the bottle to saturate the lid. To prevent over-saturation or spills, replace the plastic stopper in the bottle and put the wood lid back on before using the diffuser in the car.
  • To freshen the scent, simply remove the stopper and saturate the wood lid again.

Limit of 6 single containers per style. All of our car diffuser bottles qualify for the free shipping program!

Country of Origin: China

Wholesale Car Diffuser Bottles from NorthWood Distributing

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