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Mini DIY Kit - Reed Diffuser

Mini DIY Kit - Reed Diffuser

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Fragrance: Bali Mango


DIY Mini Reed Diffuser Kit!

This simple project teaches you how to make your very own reed diffuser. It's easier than you might think to make amazing home fragrance products with supplies from NorthWood! This kit includes everything you need to make one diffuser bottle.

Making your own reed diffuser is as simple as combining fragrance oils with a special diffuser base. After blending the fragrance and base, you simply pour the mixture into a diffuser bottle and add reeds. 

Our diffuser base is formulated to blend with fragrance oils to create a mixture that won't separate. You can also use it to make car diffuser bottles! And with countless fragrance oils to choose from, the possibilities are endless. 

Kit Includes 

  • Instruction sheet
  • 4 oz bottle of Reed Diffuser Base
  • 1 oz bottle of fragrance oil 
  • 1x Elara diffuser bottle
  • 10x black reeds
  • Nitrile gloves

Fragrance Choices

Your kit includes one 1 oz bottle of fragrance oil. Choose from these options: 

  • Bali Mango: A tropical blend of fruity notes balanced on a base of woods & musk (BBW type). 
  • Bergamot & Wild Fern:  A fresh smelling blend of bergamot, neroli, geranium, sandalwood, and musk.
  • Champagne Toast: A sweet blend of floral and fruity notes on a base of sweet vanilla (BBW type). 
  • Christmas Pine: The classic aroma of a fresh pine tree with notes of siberian pine, cedar, and musk. 
  • Spanish Sunset: A bright and citrusy blend of grapefruit, lemongrass, green apple, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. 
  • Stone: A soothing blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, lavender, citrus, cedar, patchouli, and musk (BBW type). 

Note: If you already have some of our fragrance oils, you can use these instead of the one that comes with the kit. Please check the IFRA information available on our product pages to see the limit for reed diffusers (category 10A). 

Project Overview

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Hands-On Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: One 5 oz reed diffuser
  • Kid-Friendly: Yes - with adult supervision

Disclaimer: NorthWood is not responsible for finished products you make using these kits or any other tutorials or informational resources on our website. It is important to follow all instructions, safety precautions, and do proper product testing. 

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