How to Make Your Own Scented Room Spray that Smells Better than Air Freshener

Air fresheners are the perfect solution for making your home smell clean and inviting. However, store-bought air fresheners often have disappointing scents or don’t perform the way you want them to. Making your own room spray allows you to choose your own fragrances and get the perfect concentration. Plus, it’s one of the easiest projects you can do at home. Find out how to make your own scented room spray with a few simple steps below.


Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Yield: Up to 16 ounces

Skill Level: Easy


Recommended Supplies

16 ounces of Body & Room Spray Base

One 16 oz spray bottle or four 4 oz spray bottles (Note: Larger bottle size(s) may be required depending on your preferred scent load)

1 to 4 ounces of your preferred fragrance oil

30 oz Funnel Pitcher or a glass measuring cup that can hold up to 16 oz

Funnel (if not using our Funnel Pitcher)

Rag or paper towels for cleaning any spills

Sticky labels for identifying your room spray bottle


How to Make Scented Room Spray

Making your own room spray couldn’t be easier! Start by gathering your supplies and finding a clean workspace. We recommend working on a flat surface such as a kitchen table or counter where it’s easy to clean up any spills.

Aside from choosing a fragrance, the biggest decision you’ll need to make is how strongly scented you want your spray to be. When making room spray, you can safely use a concentration of up to 25% fragrance in your mixture. In other words, if you want 16 oz of room spray, up to 4 oz of your mixture can be fragrance oil.

Because our fragrances are oil-based, using any more than the recommended amount of fragrance could potentially result in staining or discoloration when sprayed directly on fabrics or other surfaces.  

When mixing your room spray, we recommend starting with a small amount of fragrance oil and testing your product to see if the scent performs the way you want. A 25% mixture will smell super strong, so it’s best to start with a small amount of fragrance and work from there.  You can always add more fragrance until you get the desired effect.

To achieve the perfect fragrance concentration, start by adding approximately 12 ounces of Body & Room Spray Base to your measuring cup or funnel pitcher. Add up to one ounce of fragrance to your mixture at a time, testing the strength of your room spray scent as you go.

Once you have achieved the perfect concentration, pour the room spray into your spray bottle(s). If you’re not using our funnel pitcher, you may find it’s easier to pour with the aid of a funnel. Finally, attach a label so you remember what’s in your bottle.

Note: Using a plastic measuring cup/funnel isn’t recommended unless you plan to only it for making candles and other scented products. Fragrances are not food safe, and may not completely wash out from plastic items that you want to continue using with food.

Using Your Room Spray

Like store-bought air fresheners, you can spritz your room spray into the air or onto linens. If you aren’t using a fine-mist spray bottle, it’s best to avoid spritzing directly onto fabric surfaces.

Did you know our Body & Room Spray Base is also cosmetic grade? It’s the same base we use for making our own cologne and perfumes at home. While our fragrance oils are skin-safe when used at the proper concentration, keep in mind that room spray can carry a higher scent load than perfume or cologne. Please follow the skin exposure guidelines on each fragrance page on our website if you plan on using this room spray as body spray. Skin exposure levels can vary from one fragrance to the next.

Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’re not using our Body & Room Spray Base in this recipe, you will need to substitute other ingredients in order to keep your product from spoiling. Astringent substances such as witch hazel or rubbing alcohol (either of which must be diluted with distilled water) can help prevent issues with your room spray developing mold or losing potency.

Because our Body & Room Spray Base is specifically formulated for making room sprays as well as perfumes, you don’t need to use any additional ingredients to keep your spray from going bad!

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Robin from NorthWood

Robin from NorthWood

Hi Gris, yes! You can use essential oils with Room Spray Base. If you have trouble incorporating the oils, it might help to use some of our EO& FO Modifier/Solubilizer



Can I add a essential oils to the room spray base?

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