how to blend fragrances

Create Your Own Custom Fragrances for Candles, Soaps, Bath Bombs, & Lotions

Custom Fragrance Creator from NorthWood Distributing makes it easy to create your own custom fragrance blends. We've included blending ideas in this post to help get your started. Learn how to make your own fragrance oil.

Stand out from the competition with your own unique fragrances! Over 50 different fragrance notes gives you millions of options. Use your custom creations in candles, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, and more. (See product listing page for approved use.)

We make it easy with blending ideas or let your imagination run wild. Small mixing cups and pipettes make it easy to create and sample different custom blends.

We always suggest measuring ingredients by weight. To scale up a custom fragrance sample batch, simply convert 'drops' to ounces or pounds.

Use our candle scent mixing ideas and learn how to make your own fragrance oils

Using the recipe as a guide, make simple adjustments until creating the perfect blend. Let's use 'Coconut Chai Spice' as an example. The recipe calls for 6 coconut, 3 spice, 2 vanilla. Maybe you like less coconut and more spice (5 coconut, 4 spice, 2 vanilla) . Or more vanilla and less spice (6, 2, 3). We make it east to create your own custom fragrances for candles, soaps, lotions, bath bombs, cosmetics and more!

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Fragrance Blending Recipe Ideas To Get You Started!

Cranberry Woods

    Blackberry Pie

      Fresh & Clean


      Chocolate Covered...

      Christmas Shopping

      Summer Skies

      Citrus Coconut Breeze


      Morning Meadow

      Man Cave

      Vanilla Spice

      Far East

      Beautiful Bouquet

      Vintage Floral

      Sugar Cookie

      Tropical Paradise

      Christmas Warmth

      Fruit Medley

      Berry Harvest

      Hippy Flowers

      Almond Cookies

      Amber Supreme

      Fruit Fizz

      Strawberry Champagne

      Garden Thyme

      Citronella Summer

      Orange Biscotti

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