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Expand Your Product Line with These 9 Wax Melt Ideas

Wax melts have soared in popularity in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. Unlike candles, wax melts can be used without an open flame. This makes them safer to use around pets and kids, which is a huge selling point for many customers. Because they require less materials to make, wax melts are also more affordable for you and your customers.    

As a maker, all of that is reason enough to add wax melts to your product line. However, if you still aren’t sure about making wax melts, we have one statistic that will make you want to start making wax melts right now! 

You probably already have a general idea of how popular wax melts are, but did you know that global market for wax melts is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2025 according to Industry ARC? It’s no surprise that the North American market is forecast to take a big chunk of that growth.

If you aren’t already making wax melts for your business, now is the perfect time to start taking your share of this huge market. There are tons of ways to get creative with wax melts, but here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Best Types of Wax Melts You Can Sell

1. Traditional Clamshell Wax Melts  

Probably the most iconic type of wax melt you can make is a rectangular 6-cavity clamshell. These wax melt containers are perfect for showing off your wax melts while also selling them in a convenient storage box. Because you only need to break off a small amount of wax to create a strong scent, customers like having a lidded container they can close when they’re done selecting their wax.

Clamshell containers are also popular because they come with a convenient hanging tab that makes them easy for you to display. Not only that, the containers are similar to those used by larger brands that sell wax melts, which make your products instantly recognizable as wax melts.

2. Pie Shaped Clamshell Wax Melts  

Like traditional rectangular clamshells, pie shaped clamshell containers are convenient for customers to use. However, the round shape is a fun twist on the classic design, which makes pie-shaped clamshells more eye-catching to some customers.

There are tons of ways to get creative with these clamshells. The pie shape is perfect for making bakery-inspired wax melts, such as apple pie or pumpkin pie wax melts. The design is also great for citrus scented wax melts!

3. Wax Tarts

There isn’t technically much of a difference between a “wax melt” and a “wax tart.” When you hear the phrase “wax tart,” people are often referring to wax melts that are made in miniature tins or other metal containers such as our fluted metal tart molds. The term “tart” is often used because these molds resemble bakery tarts. However, most people still use these terms completely interchangeably, and that’s perfectly fine.

Nevertheless, using tart molds is a fun way to show off wax melts made with bakery scents. There are dozens of amazing bakery fragrance oils to choose from – let your imagination run wild!

4. Wax Melt Shapes

In addition to classic wax melt containers and tart molds, there are tons of cute silicone molds that you can use to make wax melts. Silicone candy molds come in many different designs, and the small size is perfect for wax melts. The best part of using silicone molds for wax melts is that you don’t need to do much to spice up your melts. By choosing a cute design, your melts will sell themselves. 

Shop our wax melt molds for a fun collection of designs!

5. Wax Snap Bars

If you like the idea of making cute shapes for your wax melts, you might also enjoy making snap bars. Wax snap bars are kind of like chocolate bars. They are made by pouring wax into a mold and removing it once it’s hard. A small piece of wax can then be snapped off (hence the name!) and melted in a warmer.

The fun part about making wax snap bars is that you can use larger molds than you would for individual wax melts. This lets you expand your options and choose an even wider array of designs.

The best molds for making wax snap bars will have perforation lines built into the design. Our Candy Bar Mold and Breakaway Hearts Mold are both perfect examples. However, you can really use any mold you want. If using molds that don’t have a clear perforation line, make sure to include instructions for your customers that explain how to cut off a smaller piece of wax.

Want to make some snap bars? Try our Valentine’s Day Wax Melt Recipe!

6. Wax Crumbles

Looking for a new way to make your wax melts? Try making crumbled wax! It might not sound very appealing by the name alone, but wax melt crumbles are becoming very popular. Crumbled wax is a great design choice for cereal fragrances and bakery scents, but you can use this design technique for any fragrance.

It’s easy to make crumbled wax melts. All you need to do is prepare wax like you would for any other type of melt. Wax crumbles look best when you add a colorant, such as candle dye chips. Instead of pouring the wax into a mold, pour it onto a cookie sheet and let it begin to cool. As it starts setting up, stir the wax with a spatula to create lumps. As it cools further, keep stirring and chopping the wax into crumble shapes.

Wax melt crumbles look best packaged in a mylar bag or a jar.   

7. Wax Bark

Like wax crumbles, wax bark is also becoming more popular. Wax melt bark is made a lot like candy bark. Once you melt your wax and add your desired fragrance and color, you will pour it onto a baking sheet. After it cools completely, simply break the wax into chunks and package it in an attractive bag. It’s really that easy!

To dress up your wax bark, sprinkle additives such as mica powder or glitter on top while the wax is cooling. You can even make floral wax bark by adding some dried botanicals or bath tea to the top of your wax.

8. Wax Sachets

Another similar product you might want to try your hand at is wax sachets. Wax sachets are like air fresheners made from wax. Like a traditional air freshener, they are usually hung on a string.

Although they’re not technically wax melts, wax sachets are made with the same process. Like wax melts, they don’t have a wick. But unlike wax melts, they’re not used in a warmer. Instead, the wax simply gives off a scent. Most people use wax sachets to freshen up their closet or other locations that can get stuffy and musty smelling.

To make wax sachets, you will need a medium to large mold. After melting your wax and adding any fragrance and color you want, pour a thin layer of wax into each cavity of the mold. Wax sachets are usually anywhere from ¼ of an inch to 1 inch thick. Once the wax hardens completely, remove the shapes from the mold and use a heated rod to poke a hole through the wax. Use this hole to attach a string for hanging.

Most people who make wax sachets will incorporate dried flowers or petals into their design. If using additives such as these, be sure to add them before the wax sets up completely in the mold.

9. Natural Wax Melts

Another way to make your wax melts stand out is to make them with all-natural ingredients. The best way to make 100% natural wax melts is to use beeswax and essential oils. Follow our easy beeswax wax melt recipe for tips and ideas!

Business Tip: Do a little market research in your area to see what types of wax melts other people are having success selling. If you sell online, this won’t matter quite as much. However, if you sell at local markets or have your products available in a local store, it’s definitely worth your time to check what type of wax melts are the most popular before diving in.

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