Botanical Wax Melt Recipe

How to Add Botanicals to Wax Melts

There are so many ways to get creative with wax melts! One of the best ways to take your wax melts to the next level is to add dried botanicals. Simply sprinkling a few dried petals on top of your melts gives them a beautiful natural vibe.

You can add just about any type of botanical to your wax melts. While some dried petals do have a natural aroma, this is mostly done for aesthetic purposes rather than to boost the scent of your melts.

It's super easy to use botanicals in your wax melts. Simply make your melts the way you normally would and sprinkle dried petals on top right before the wax hardens. As the wax finishes cooling, the petals will be stuck in place. You do need to be somewhat  careful about your timing, as adding the petals too soon can cause them to sink. However, the effect will still be beautiful no matter what.

how to make botanical wax melts

Free Wax Melt Recipe

Looking for some tips and inspiration? Check out our fun Botanical Wax Melt Recipe for tons of ideas! We cover tips for pairing fragrances with botanicals and coordinating wax dye colors to get beautiful effects.

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