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Fluted Metal Wax Tart Mold - Tin Molds for Wax Tarts & Floating Candles

Fluted Metal Wax Tart Mold - Tin Molds for Wax Tarts & Floating Candles

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These fluted metal tart molds are perfect for making wax melts. Made of high-quality metal designed to be used over and over again. Use with our C55 Coconut Tart Wax for making wax tarts!

Also great for making floating tealight candles! Use with our tealight wicks and your favorite wax to create unique floating candles.

Customers will love the shape of these wax melts. The 2.25" diameter is the perfect size for making samples! One tart is the ideal size for a standard wax melter. Also great for making stocking stuffers, favors and gifts.

Wax not included - shown for illustrative purposes only.

How to Use

Pour wax directly into these containers. Let cure for optimal scent throw (2 weeks recommended). Wax can be popped out of the mold as soon as it's hard, or left to cure in the mold.

Easy release! Simply press on the bottom of the mold to release the wax. If wax doesn't pop out easily, you may try placing it in the freezer to contract the wax for easier unmolding.

To clean, wipe with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth or paper towel. Soap and water not recommended. Metal may rust with prolonged exposure to soap & water.

Product Details

Dimensions: 2.25" wide at top; 1.25" wide at bottom (tapered design); ,75" tall


California Prop 65 Statement:  
This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.
This product conforms to the reporting requirements of California Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986). We are conforming to the regulation by reporting the existence, or lack thereof, of ingredients deemed reportable by the above mentioned regulations via a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), in Section 15 "Regulatory Information." Ingredients from Natural Food Sources (NFS) and are exempt from reporting in accordance with Title 27, § 25501(a).


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