10 DIY beeswax projects

10 DIY Projects You Can Make with Beeswax

Beeswax is an incredibly versatile material. It can be used in candles, lotion, lip balm and even used as an additive to harden Melt & Pour soap. Not only that, beeswax also has unique properties that make it a wonderful wax to work with. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties, which make it a great ingredient to use for DIY skincare recipes. If you’re wondering what all you can make with beeswax, check out these ideas below!

Candles & More

Beeswax is often used as an additive in other waxes. However, some candle makers like using pure beeswax for their candles. Here are a few ways to incorporate beeswax in your next candle project.

  • Make beeswax tealight candles. One pound of beeswax can make approximately 24 tealights! Don’t forget tealight wicks.
  • Make pillar candles for a romantic table setting. Unlike coconut or soy wax, beeswax is hard enough to be used for pillar candles.
  • Use beeswax in your favorite wax blend. Because beeswax is harder than other types of wax, it works great as an additive. If you’re working with soft waxes and want to make them harder, experiment by adding beeswax to the mix.
  • Make beeswax wax melts. Although C55 coconut tart wax is our favorite wax for making wax melts, you can use beeswax as well. To make wax melts with beeswax, you’ll need to combine the wax with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Follow our easy Beeswax Wax Melt recipe to make your own!

Décor and Crafts

Beeswax can also be used to create a huge variety of craft projects. Here are just a few ways to use beeswax for DIY projects.

  • Make beeswax tree ornaments. Because beeswax is a hard wax, it works great in molds that have a lot of intricate details. If you want to make natural Christmas tree ornaments, simply melt some beeswax and pour it into your favorite mold. To avoid making the ornaments too heavy, pick a shallow mold or only fill the mold with a thin layer of wax. This will create flat ornaments that don’t weigh down your branches. You can also add fragrance for scented ornaments.
  • Make wax-resist artwork. Wax repels water, which makes it a unique medium to use with watercolor paints. Hard beeswax can be applied to your paper (like drawing with a crayon) to cover any areas of a scene that you don’t want to be covered with paint. When your painting is complete, all of the areas covered with beeswax will remain white. This is a fun technique for kids and experienced artists to try.
  • Make DIY crayons with beeswax. Coloring crayons are easier to make than you might think! All you need is beeswax, a mold and some pigments like mica powder. Simply melt the wax in a double boiler, stir in a few micro scoops of mica powder and pour into a mold. Make this project extra fun by using cute silicone mold shapes. Kids will love coloring with the fun shapes!

Health and Beauty

Beeswax has numerous properties that make it ideal for salves, lotions and more. Here are a few ways to make DIY beauty products with beeswax.

  • Make lip balm. Beeswax is a key ingredient in homemade lip balm recipes. Other common ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter are softer, beeswax helps stiffen up lip balm recipes. Follow our simple lip balm recipe to make your own batch of beeswax lip balm.
  • Make lotion bars. In the colder months, lotion bars are the perfect remedy for cracked, dry skin. Unlike most store-bought lotion, a lotion bar doesn’t contain any water, which can actually dry out your hands even more. Check out our lotion bar recipe to make your own!
  • Solid perfume. Making your own perfume is incredibly easy. For on-the-go convenience, try making your own solid perfume bars. Choose your favorite fragrance and dive into our solid perfume recipe to learn how!

How do you like to use beeswax? Tell us in the comments below!

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