solid perfume recipe

How to Make Solid Perfume

Solid perfume is a great solution for keeping your favorite scents with you when you travel. Unlike traditional perfume or cologne, solid perfume is more like a scented lotion or balm. The consistency is similar to lip balm or solid lotion bars, making it perfect for keeping in your purse or suitcase. In fact, most solid perfume recipes use the same recipes as lotion bars and lip balm. The difference is that you typically use a higher fragrance load to get a lasting scent on your skin.

You can use any skin-safe fragrance oil to make solid perfume. However, solid perfume is typically made with designer fragrance oil duplications. There are numerous perfume fragrance oils to choose from! Keep in mind that each fragrance will have different maximum usage percentages, which you can find on the IFRA certificate.

Solid Perfume Recipe

Ready to get started with solid perfume? Head to our recipe blog for a super easy solid perfume recipe! There are lots of ways to get creative with this project and truly make it your own.

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