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Tea Light Candle Boxes - Clear Vinyl

Tea Light Candle Boxes - Clear Vinyl

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Our tea light candle boxes are the perfect way to display your candles for retail sales or give as a gift! Make your tea light candles look polished and professional with these boxes. The clear vinyl shows off your beautiful candles while also being sturdy and attractive. Easily brand these boxes any way you like with labels and decorative packaging. 

These clear vinyl tealight boxes hold 10 standard size tea light candles. Candles not included - shown for illustrative purposes only.

High quality. Flexible and durable vinyl.

Tea light candle boxes ship flat to save on shipping costs. Easily folds into shape.

Packaging Tip: To package your tealights more easily, stack two tea light candles together (one on top of the other) then slide them into the assembled box. Repeat until the box is full. Depending on how full your tea light candles are filled with wax, you may need to fold the wick downwards before packaging them.

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