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Stainless Steel Funnel Dispenser for Wax Melts & Soap Making - Large (4 cup)

Stainless Steel Funnel Dispenser for Wax Melts & Soap Making - Large (4 cup)

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Deluxe Stainless Steel Funnel Dispenser for Making Wax Melts, Soap and Cosmetics

Use this funnel to dispense the perfect amount into each cavity of your mold. Easily stop and start the flow by using the trigger controls. This tool eliminates drips and spills, allowing you to keep a tidy workspace. Easy to operate with one hand. Comes with a convenient stand for holding the funnel dispenser when not in use.

Durable stainless steel construction makes this funnel dispenser a must-have tool for anyone who makes soap, wax melts or cosmetics. With high-quality craftsmanship, this tool is meant to last!

This pitcher is a necessity for making wax melts, soap, lip balm, lotion and other products!

Also available in smaller size (2.5 cup capacity).

How to Use

Melt solid ingredients and mix in additives in a separate container such as our 28 oz Funnel Pitcher for soap & cosmetics, or our Metal Pouring Pitcher for wax melts. Then pour the liquid mixture into the Stainless Steel Funnel Dispenser and dispense the mixture directly into your molds.

Safe to use with liquid materials up to 500F. Not designed to be used as a container for melting ingredients - melt in separate container before adding to funnel dispenser.

Don't forget your plastic droppers / pipettes to easily measure and transfer liquid ingredients like fragrances or flavor oils!


Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Dimensions: 8.25" x 5.5" x 4"
Capacity: 4 cups
Care: Dishwasher safe - hand washing recommended
Comes with a stand for conveniently holding the funnel.


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