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Silicone Soap Mold - Halloween Spider Webs

Silicone Soap Mold - Halloween Spider Webs

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Make a batch of spooky and cute spider webs with this silicone soap mold! This mold is perfect for making Halloween wax melts, soap embeds, candle embeds, resin art, and more!

The spider and web details of the mold are indented so they will stand out beautifully in your final product. This mold features two slightly different spider web shapes - one a bit more oblong and the other more round. Cute spiders adorn the center of each cavity.

Material: Food Grade Silicone
Maximum Product Pour Temp: 350ºF

Helpful Product Information:
Avg. Bar Weight: 1.2 oz Bar Cavities: 10
Bar Depth: .5" Bar Length:  1.5"
Bar Width: 1.25"
Mold Capacity (oz): 12


Common Uses:
Melt & Pour Soap. Cold Process Soap. Wax Melts. Candle Embeds. Mini Bath Bombs. 

Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe. To prolong the life of your molds, we recommend hand-washing them in warm, sudsy water. 

Once a mold has been used for soapmaking, wax melts or other similar projects, it should not be used for food production.


Wash molds in warm, sudsy water. Do not wash plastic molds in the dishwasher, as it can make them brittle.

Fragrance oils and essential oils, citric acid etc will degrade plastic molds, so it is best to wash out and dry immediately after use. With proper care, you can get 1000+ uses from a single mold.

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