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* Sample Pack - P Series Candle Wicks

* Sample Pack - P Series Candle Wicks

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P Series Candle Wick Sample Pack

Cotton Candle Wicks with innovative tension thread - Great Scent Throw

Sample Pack includes 5 of each wick size!

How to Choose the Right Candle Wick - Chart & Guide

P Series self trimming wicks are designed to provide clean-burning candles with minimal carbon build-up and soot. Available in a wide range of sizes so you can find a perfect wick for every container.

Wholesale P Series Wicks - Quantities from 10 to 10,000!

Our P Series Wicks have a natural wax coating. No paraffin!

Product Features

  • Self- trimming wicks made of pure ring-spun cotton yarn.
  • High melt point natural wax coating.
  • Unique and innovative tension thread to enhance combustion.
  • Designed to reduce afterglow, soot, and mushrooming.
  • Suitable for container or pillar candles.

    Length: 6"

    Tab size: 20mm round base with a 6mm neck that helps stabilize the wick.

    Lead free.

    Suggested Container Size (Container Diameter)

    Wick Size Container Diameter
    120/2-26 Up to 2"
    140/2-30 Up to 2.25"
    160/2-30 Up to 2.25"
    180/2-35 2 - 2.25"
    180/4-35 2 - 2.5"
    180/6-35 2 - 2.5"
    200/6-35 2 - 2.5"
    212/6-40 2.25 - 2.75"
    214/4-40 2.25 - 2.75"
    218/2-35 2.5 - 3"

    Size recommendations are suggestions only from the manufacturer and based on using paraffin wax. Wicking will vary based on a variety of factors including amount of fragrance, type of container, wax, and other factors.

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    What type of wick should I use?

    Our candle wicks are suitable for container candles and pillar candles. The type of wick you choose is mostly a matter of personal preference. We recommend reading the descriptions on the wick product pages to learn more about the properties of each wick.

    How do I choose the right size of candle wick?

    The appropriate wick size depends on numerous factors, including the size of your jar, the type of wax you’re using, fragrance load, the type of fragrance you’re using and more.

    Due to the number of factors that influence wick performance, it isn’t possible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer about choosing a wick. However, we do provide size guidelines on each wick product page. You can also refer to our Wick Size Chart, which includes recommendations based on the size of your container.

    How can I tell if I am using the right size of candle wick?

    Wicking a candle properly takes some trial and error. We recommend reading our blog How to Choose the Right Wick For Your Wax to learn more about wicking candles.

    How do I test candle wicks?

    Testing candle wicks involves making candles with different wick sizes to determine which wick provides the best burn. We provide a free printable Candle Testing Note Sheet that is helpful for keeping track of your test candles. For tips on using candle testing note sheets, check out this blog post.

    We recommend purchasing a wick sample pack when trying out a new type of candle wick. Our sample packs include 5 wicks of each size in the series.

    What kind of wax can I use with your wicks?

    Our wicks are suitable for any of our candle waxes, including Ceda Serica, EC-26, CB2, and Soy Wax Flakes. You can use our wicks with other candle waxes as well. We recommend testing your candle wicks each time you try a new wax (see questions above). For more information on our candle wax, view our Wax FAQ.

    What type of coating do your wicks have?

    Most of our wicks have a natural wax coating rather than a paraffin coating. Please view product pages for specific details on wick coatings. 

    Can I buy candle wicks in bulk?

    Yes! We have quantities from 10 wicks to 10,000+ wicks. You can order quantities of up to 5,000 wicks directly from most of our wick product pages. For quantities of 5,000+ wicks, please note that additional processing time may be required. Please contact us for product availability if you are concerned about longer lead times for orders of 5,000+ wicks.

    More Product FAQs

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    Learn how to choose the best candle wick size with our wick size guide!

    Read more about the different kinds of candle wicks for help choosing a type.

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