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Candle Glue Dots - Wick Stickers

Candle Glue Dots - Wick Stickers

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Glue Dots for Candle Wicks - Specifically Made for Candles!

Securely hold your candle wicks in place with these super-sticky candle glue dots. These glue dots were designed just for candlemaking. Simply attach a glue dot to your wick tab, center the wick in your container, and press down. These candle glue dots create a permanent seal that will hold your wicks securely in place.

Glue dots are excellent for glass candle containers. Depending on the coating used, glue dots can also be effective on other types of candle vessels as well. Glue dots can stick to metal, glass, plastic, paper, foam, wood and more.

Product Features

  • Pressure sensitive dots engineered specifically for making candles.
  • Glue dots are conveniently packaged on a roll for easy dispensing.
  • Rolls come in a handy dispenser box that makes it a breeze to use and store these dots.
  • Permanent, Non Toxic Adhesive.
  • Faster, safer and less messy than using a hot glue gun system.

Product Details

  • 5/8" diameter - perfect for securing your wick tabs.
  • Medium thickness is ideal for creating a secure bond between your wick tab and container.
  • Available in sheets of 120 dots or rolls of 1,000 or 2,000 dots.
  • Clear glue color will not detract from your candle's appearance.
  • Round design - works great with any candle wicks that have round sustainer tabs.

Glue Dot Candle Wick Sticker / Wick Stickums

Please Note: We released a new version of Glue Dots 9/1/22. Any reviews dated before 9/1/22 are for a discontinued version of glue dots that we no longer carry.

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