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Body & Room Spray Base - Bulk Individual 16oz Bottles

Body & Room Spray Base - Bulk Individual 16oz Bottles

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Room & Body Spray Base

Individually Bottled in 16oz Bottles 

Our standard listing only allows 6 individual bottles of the 16oz size to be purchased. If you prefer larger quantities of this base packaged individually, please use this listing. There is a small charge added for the additional packaging and labor.

Making Perfume or Cologne? You need our Luxury Unscented Perfume Base!

Suggested Use: Add 2-5% fragrance oil by weight. If making body spray, cologne, perfume, or other related products, be sure to use a body safe fragrance oil and follow all labeling requirements. 

    Ingredients: The identity of the specific components of this mixture is proprietary information and is regarded to be a trade secret, in accordance with Paragraph 1910.1200 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  

    The room spray base is simply considered a fragrance compound and only needs to be labeled as ‘fragrance’.

    All fragrance and essential oil sales are final. A small amount should be purchased and tested for compatibility. NorthWood Candle, LLC is not responsible for finished products made using our components. You are responsible for product testing, proper labeling, and adherence to all laws or regulations when using our products. Terms & Conditions.

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    This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

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