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Recipe: Magical Brew Halloween Wax Melts

Looking for a fun Halloween wax melt tutorial? Check out our recipe for making black wax melts with our Magical Brew fragrance oil! This recipe teaches you how to use mica and dye chips together to get a unique swirling effect. The shimmery nature of mica powder is typically hidden when wax is cool and hard. However, it sparkles and shines when the wax is melted.

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This recipe uses black dye chips and purple mica powder. The purple color only shows up when the wax melts are used, which creates a unique effect. We also added glitter and calendula petals to the top of these wax melts to make them even more festive for fall.

This recipe uses our Magical Brew fragrance oil, which is by far one of our most popular Halloween fragrance oils. You can use any fragrance you like to make this recipe your own.

Ready to start making? Check out the Magical Brew Wax Melt Recipe!

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