how to make a reed diffuser

How to Make a DIY Reed Diffuser

DIY reed diffusers are super easy to make! All you need is a diffuser base, fragrance oil, diffuser bottle, and reeds. It takes just a few minutes to make a reed diffuser. Because they’re so fast and easy, reed diffusers are great items to add to your lineup if you sell your handmade creations. 

Diffusers are a popular item for customers who want a completely stress-free air freshener. Unlike candles or wax melts, reed diffusers don’t require electricity or a flame to deliver their scent. They slowly release a steady flow of fragrance that can fill an entire room. And if you use decorative reed diffuser bottles, they can also double as home décor! 

If you’ve ever wanted to try making reed diffusers, this post has all the info you need to get started! 

Supplies for Making a Reed Diffuser 

To make a DIY diffuser, you need a few simple supplies. Start by gathering these materials: 

* You can use most of our fragrance oils to make a reed diffuser. When selecting a fragrance, be sure to check its IFRA certificate. Reed diffuser limits can be found in category 10A. The best fragrances for reed diffusers are ones with an IFRA limit of 10% or more in the reed diffuser category. You can use fragrances with a lower limit. However, the scent might not be as strong with a lower fragrance load. 

Learn more about reed diffuser fragrance loads here

Optional Supplies

A pipette is useful for dispensing fragrance oil if you are making a small batch of diffuser oil. 

A digital scale is recommended if you are making a large batch of reed diffuser oil. Weighing your ingredients rather than measuring by volume will give you a more accurate measurement. 

Steps for Making a Diffuser 

After gathering your supplies, find a clean workspace. Keep in mind that the ingredients in this recipe can cause staining if they spill. You may wish to cover the area with paper. 

Before starting, determine how strong you want your reed diffuser oil to smell. We recommend a fragrance load of 10 to 20% (unless your fragrance has a lower IFRA limit). 

The amount of fragrance and base you need will vary depending on the size of your diffuser bottle. You don't want the bottle to be completely full, as you need to allow room for the diffuser sticks. Check out our Reed Diffuser FAQ for more info.

types of diffuser bottles available

For this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to make 150 ml of diffuser oil with a 15% fragrance load. In the video below, we are using our Elara diffuser bottles. For each bottle, we will need 20 ml of fragrance and 130 ml base.

  1. In your funnel pitcher, measure out your desired amount of fragrance oil. 
  2. Add the reed diffuser base to your funnel pitcher. 
  3. Gently stir the fragrance and base together for a few seconds, or until they are fully blended. 
  4. Pour the mixture into your reed diffuser bottle. 
  5. Place the reed diffuser sticks into the bottle. They will begin absorbing fragrance right away, and should be fully saturated within a few hours.

Keep in mind that if you are not using the reed diffuser right away, you will want to store the bottle with the plastic cap inside. This keeps the oil fresh and prevent spills.

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