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Candle Making 101 | Free Candle Making Resources for Beginners to Experts

Making candles is a fun and relaxing hobby. But while it seems like an easy craft, candlemaking can be more complicated than it first appears. Making safe candles that burn well is as much a science as it is an art! When you’re first starting out, it can feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of information you need to learn before you can make your first candle. And even if you’re an experienced candle maker, it can feel like there’s always more to learn!

This blog post rounds up our best candle-making resources into one place. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you’re bound to learn something new or useful from these resources!

candle making safety

Candle Making Safety Tips

Making candles is a safe hobby as long as you follow a few basic precautions. This post goes over 5 of the most important safety considerations you should be aware of before making candles.

5 Candle Making Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow

candle fragrance tips

Flash Points 101

In the world of candle making, few things are as misunderstood as flashpoints. In this post, learn what candle makers need to know about flash points, and discover how the flash point of a fragrance actually affects your candles.

Flash Points 101: What You Actually Need to Know About Fragrance Oil Flash Points

Adding Fragrance to Candles

Unsure of how much fragrance you can add to your candles? You’re not alone! Figuring out the ideal fragrance load for your candles can be a challenge. This post covers everything you need to know.

How Much Fragrance Can I Add to My Candles?

Single-Note Fragrances

Understanding single-note fragrances is helpful if you want to make your own custom fragrance blends. While single-note fragrances can be used on their own, they’re great for adding your own personal flair to a fragrance!

How to Use Single Note Fragrances to Create Your Own Custom Blends

Candle Making Wicks

How to Wick a Candle

Choosing the right wick for your wax can be difficult. This post explains how to properly wick a candle so that your end result burns safely.

How to Choose the Right Wick for Your Wax

Wick Size Chart

Choose an appropriate wick with confidence by using this handy chart! This printable candle wick chart is designed to help you choose a compatible wick based on the type of wax and container you are using.

Wick Size Chart – Guide for Choosing a Candle Wick

Using HPSP Wicks

Our HPSP wicks are great for coconut waxes. If you’re new to using HPSP wicks, this post can help point you in the right direction!

A Complete Guide to Testing and Using HPSP Wicks for Coconut Wax

Using Ultra Core Wicks

New to Ultra Core wicks? These wicks produce shorter, hotter flames that are great for a wide range of waxes. This post covers everything you need to know about using these wicks.

Guide to Using Ultra Core Wicks

candle making wax

Ideal Wax Temperatures

Getting your wax to the right temperature before you add fragrance is important. Learn everything you need to know about wax temps in this helpful post.

How Hot Should Candle Wax Be When I Add Fragrance?

Using Mica in Wax

Want to use mica powder in your candles? Find out what you need to know about using mica powder in wax, and discover why it’s not the most suitable color additive for candles in this post.

How to Use Mica Powder in Wax

candle making projects

Tealight Tutorial

Learn how to make cute tealights in this fun tutorial! While this post is geared towards Valentine’s Day, you can follow this recipe for making any type of tea light candle.

Valentine’s Day Tealight Project – Tea Light Candle Recipe

How to Make a Candle 

Ready to make your first candle? Read this tutorial to learn everything you need to know! It includes detailed, step-by-step instructions and a list of all the supplies you need to make a coconut wax candle.

How to Make Your First Candle with Step-by-Step Instructions

candle testing

How to Test Candles

What is candle testing? Find out in this post, and discover why testing candles is so important whether you’re selling your candles or even just giving them away to friends.

How to Test Candles for Safety and Compatibility

Taking Candle Testing Notes

Taking good notes is important so that you can get repeat results with each batch of candles you make. Download this free printable sheet to take your candle testing to the next level!

Free Printable Candle Testing Sheet

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