How to Use Mica Powder in Candles

Can You Use Mica Powder in Candles?

Putting mica in candles is a popular trend because it creates beautiful, swirling colors in the wax. With hundreds of shimmering colors available, it's easy to see why using mica powder in candles is so popular. However, you might want to think twice before decorating candles with mica.

While mica isn't flammable, it can have a significant impact on how your candles burn. In this article, learn everything you need to know about using mica in candles.

Is it safe to put mica in candles?

The biggest consideration when adding anything to a candle is safety. Mica powder isn't flammable, so it won't cause an increased fire hazard on its own. However, mica doesn't dissolve fully in wax and the solid particles can impact how your wick burns.

The wick will draw in the mica and melted wax as the candle burns. While the flame will consume the melted wax, the mica powder will build up on the wick because it doesn't dissolve. As you continue burning the candle, more mica will build up and eventually cause the wick to clog. A clogged candle wick is unable to draw in melted wax effectively, which results in a weak flame that no longer burns well.

A clogged wick can also cause confusion when testing your candles. A weak flame may make you think you need to wick up (choose a larger wick) for your container. This may lead to you choosing a wick that is too large, which can be a safety issue on its own.

Predicting how mica will behave in a candle is difficult. It may move differently in each candle, which makes wicking even more difficult.

With that being said, mica is still safer to use than additives like botanicals, which are flammable. However, you still want to use mica in candles with caution.

Gold Mica Powder

How to Use Mica in Candles

Even though mica presents some major issues with wicking, you might still choose to use it. Many people manage to make great mica powder candles despite the problems it may cause.

If you have your heart set on using mica in candles, it's best to use a small amount. The more mica you use, the more issues you will probably encounter with wicking.

Many candle makers use mica powder to color their candles. While mica powder will tint your wax, you usually need a lot of it to get intense colors. A better approach is to use a concentrated candle dye to color your wax. You can add a little mica to get the shimmering effect, but you typically don't want to rely on it as your only colorant.

Another technique is to sprinkle a little mica powder on top of your candles as a finishing touch. This will allow you to get the beautiful shimmering effect without using a lot of mica.

Can you put glitter in candles?

Like mica, glitter and other powdered colorants may also cause issues with your wick. Essentially any colorant that doesn't dissolve in wax will cause problems wicking. For best results, sprinkle glitter sparingly on top of your candles. Keep in mind that glitter particles are larger than mica, so even a small amount can clog the wick.

Read our blog on using candle dyes for more tips on coloring your candle wax.

Using Mica in Wax Melts

If you have your heart set on adding mica to wax, try making mica powder wax melts instead. You can use any amount of mica powder in wax melts without affecting how they work. Mica powder is also great for wickless candles.

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