bath tea recipes for summer

5 Bath Tea Blending Ideas for Summer

Blending your own bath tea is addictively fun! With our full range of dried botanicals, there are countless beautiful bath tea blends you can make. Making your own bath tea blends can feel a little overwhelming at first, so we put together this list of five fun recipes to make it a bit easier for you. These bath tea recipes are easy to customize to suit your own personal taste. Follow along as we whip up these fun bath tea blends for summer! 

Wondering what bath tea is and how to use it? Start with our blog on using botanicals in bath & body products

How to Blend Bath Tea

Blending bath tea is super easy. All you need to do is combine your ingredients in a bowl, mix them together, and package them in a bag or jar. You can mix bath tea with a spoon, but to avoid breaking the delicate botanicals, you may wish to stir with your hands instead. 

For all of these recipes, you need a few simple items. Before getting started, gather the following: 

* Note: These recipes are simplified by listing the ingredients in “scoops” rather than by weight. You can use the same measuring device for each ingredient, simply adding the required number of scoops listed in the recipe. You can use any type of scoop to measure with. We recommend our ½ oz Measuring Scoop, which is perfect for making small batches of bath tea. 

If you want to make a large batch, you may find it’s easier to measure each ingredient by weight. Keep in mind each ingredient weighs a different amount. You will need to translate the measurement into grams or ounces to get accurate results (e.g. Hibiscus is much heavier than Calendula, and 1 “scoop” will weigh a lot more). 

Recipe 1: Pretty & Pink

pink bath tea blend

Pairs well with fragrances like: Wild Hibiscus Prosecco, Honeysuckle Coconut, and Kissed Orchid

Recipe 2: Cottage Garden

cottage garden bath tea blend

Pairs well with fragrances like: Lavender & Cotton, Chamomile & Lavender, and Dandelion & Lemon Tea

Recipe 3: Berry Burst

Berry Burst Bath Tea Blend

Pairs well with fragrances like: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cashmere Plum, and Pink Pomegranate Prosecco 

Recipe 4: Woodland Retreat

woodland retreat bath tea blend

Pairs well with fragrances like: Bergamot & Wild Fern, Eucalyptus, and Lemon Verbena

Recipe 5: Summer Sunset

summer sunset bath tea blend

Pairs well with fragrances like: Spanish Sunset, Citrus Blossom & Honey, and Persimmon & Beachwood

Where to Buy Dried Botanicals 

Did you know? You can buy all of the ingredients for these recipes on our website We now carry more than 16 types of botanicals for you to choose from! If you’re not sure where to start, our Herbal Botanical Sample Pack and Floral Botanical Sample Pack are great options. These include a sample size of each botanical we carry, allowing you to find the perfect color, scent, or texture for your next botanical project. 

If you’re looking for more bath tea inspiration, don’t forget to check out our guide to blending your own bath tea from scratch and our blog on using botanicals in your handmade products! 

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Thank Y ou for the Summer bath tea recipes, question do you have any more recipes to share for the other Seasons exspecially for Winter, for health. always looking for herbal, loose tea recipes. Thank You


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