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Epoxy Resin (2 Part) - Best Clear Epoxy Resin for Crafts

Epoxy Resin (2 Part) - Best Clear Epoxy Resin for Crafts

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Size: 32 oz Set


Clear Epoxy Resin for Crafts and Wood

This is the best two part epoxy resin available for crafts. Ultra clear formula is quick setting, anti-yellowing, and easy to work with!

Color your craft resin using our liquid dyes for resin, mica powder, glow in the dark powders, fluorescent powders, and glitter

Read our Resin Blogs for helpful tips and resin project ideas!

Product Details

Physical Form: Clear liquid
Part A Viscosity: 5,000
Part B Viscosity: 4,000
Combined Viscosity: 4,500
Working Time: 30-40 minutes (once mixed)
Curing time: 12+ hours, depending on room temp and product thickness.
Shore D Hardness: 80-82

32 oz Set includes a 16 oz bottle of Part A (resin) and a 16 oz bottle of Part B (hardener) for a total of 32 oz of material.

1 Gallon Set includes a .5 gallon bottle of Part A (resin) and a .5 gallon bottle of Part B (hardener) for a total of 1 gallon of material.

Directions for Use

Uncured resin can cause skin irritation. It is recommended that you wear gloves, safety goggles, and a mask/respirator when working with resin. Cover your work area with paper to prevent staining from any spills.

  1. In separate cups, measure equal portions of Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) by volume, not weight.
  2. Pour both cups into a new mixing container, scraping the sides of the cups to get all the resin out.
  3. Stir gently for at least 3 minutes, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container. Resin must be fully mixed in order to cure.
  4. Stir in any desired colorants or additives.
  5. Let the resin sit in the mixing cup for 3-5 minutes to allow bubbles to dissipate.
  6. Pour the resin into your mold or onto your casting surface.
  7. Let the resin cure for at least 12 hours. More time may be required for thick objects or if the room temperature is below 70 degrees F.

Tips for Use

The maximum recommended project size is 300 grams (10.5 oz) per object. Projects larger than 300 grams may not fully cure due to their thickness. However, depending on the shape or dimensions of your mold/project, you may have success.

Our clear epoxy resin is designed to de-aerate on its own (meaning most bubbles will pop on their own). However, you can also use a torch or heat gun to help eliminate bubbles. If using a torch or heat gun, hold it several inches from the surface of your project and keep the heat moving to prevent dimples or scorch marks.


Always put caps back on resin bottles after use. Store sealed containers in a cool, dark place. Once resin bottles are opened, it is recommended that you use them within 1 year.

Once resin has been mixed, it must be used. Mixed resin will harden even if stored in an airtight container.

Country Of Origin:  China
Two Part Clear Epoxy Resin for Crafts and Wood


Part A SDS  |  Part B SDS

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