how to make candles with whipped topping

Recipe: Whipped Wax for Candles

If you love bakery fragrances and coffee fragrances, this recipe is for you! Giving your bakery and coffee-inspired candles a whipped topping is a fun way to make them unique. Whipping candle wax is a great technique to learn for latte candles, pie candles, and other similar creations.

There are a lot of tutorials for whipping candle wax, and several different ways to do it. Most involve using a frosting piping bag and the use of a stand mixer. You certainly can whip wax in a mixer and use a piping bag to create crisp, perfect “frosting” lines. However, we wanted to simplify the process so anyone can do it without any fancy kitchen gadgets.

Our tutorial for whipping candle wax only requires a bowl, whisk, spatula, and sandwich baggie. That’s it! You can use just about any type of candle wax, but for this whipped wax recipe, we used our CB2 Wax combined with a little Stearic Acid, which helps make the wax stiffer after it cools.

The process of making whipped candle wax can be a little challenging, and may take some practice to get just right. Be sure to check out our blog The Basics of Whipped Candle Wax for some helpful tips.

Ready to make some cute candles with whipped topping? Head to our recipe blog Made with NorthWood for our Coffee Inspired Candle Recipe

This recipe teaches you how to make votive candles with our Maple Chai Cream fragrance oil, finished off with a cute “whipped cream” topping. Any fragrance can pair well with a whipped topping. If you’re looking for other fragrances that work well for whipped candles, consider these fun options:

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