Recipe: Pumpkin Melt & Pour Soap

Recipe: Pumpkin Melt & Pour Soap

Our Pumpkin Soap Mold is great for making seasonal products like bath bombs, lotion bars, and soap. If you’re looking for a fun fall project, we have you covered with this cute pumpkin soap tutorial. This project uses a melt & pour soap base, mica powder, and a pumpkin fragrance oil to create 3 adorable bars of soap.

This recipe is fun because it teaches you how to create details with different colors of melt & pour soap. A pipette can be used to dispense a different color of soap into small detailed portions of a mold. This technique is great to use with any of our detailed soap molds!

Ready to start making? Head to our recipe blog for the Pumpkin Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial!

We love this recipe because you can use any of our pumpkin fragrance oils* to make the project your own. With our variety of orange, red, and white mica powders, you can also make the pumpkins any color you want!

*For best results, we recommend using vanilla-free fragrance oils in soap recipes. Fragrances with vanilla can cause some discoloration to your product over time. In most cases, your mica powder (or other colorant) will hide any discoloration. However, this is something to consider when making clear soap.

This recipe explains how to make one color of soap at a time. If you’re looking for an easy way to make multiple colors of soap from the same batch, check out our Summer Soap Recipe. This project explains an easy technique for making four different colors of soap at once – without needing to melt the soap for each color separately. It’s a huge timesaver if you want to experiment with different colors.

Head to our blog for the full Pumpkin Soap Recipe. Happy making!

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