how to make glow in the dark car freshies

Recipe: Glow in the Dark Aroma Beads & Car Freshies

Did you know aroma beads can be tinted with glow in the dark powder? This is a fun way to make your freshies stand out! Glow in the dark car freshies are great for Halloween, but you can have fun with them all year round.

If you want to learn how to make glow in the dark car freshies, we have you covered with our recipe blog Made with NorthWood. Check out How to Make Glow in the Dark Aroma Beads first so you can get your batch of scented beads ready. Next, follow along with our Glow in the Dark Freshie Recipe to bake the beads into fun shapes.

Glowing car freshies aren’t just for the car. You can hang them anywhere you want to freshen the room. Freshies work great in lockers, bathrooms, closets, and other small, enclosed spaces.

You can also use these fun shapes to make Halloween décor. Glow in the dark powder will of course glow at night after it has been charged. However, it will also glow under fluorescent lights. Use this to your advantage for fun party décor that also smells amazing! Aroma beads can also be baked into shapes without adding fragrance to the beads.

When making glow in the dark car freshies, you’ll just want to make sure you have metal cookie cutters. Any shape of cookie cutter can be used to make freshies. When selecting cookie cutters, keep in mind that once they come in contact with items that contain fragrance (scented aroma beads), you should only use them for crafts in the future. It is not recommended to reuse the cookie cutters for baking after you has used them to make aroma beads.

Ready to start making? Head to our Made With NorthWood blog to read the Glow in the Dark Freshie Recipe!

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