Our best products for celebrating valentine's day

Our Best Products for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve been wanting to make Valentine’s themed candles or soaps to celebrate the day or surprise your loved ones, we’ve got a ton of products to help make it happen. Put some love in the air with our best-selling fragrances, soap molds and more.   

Romantic Fragrances

Having the right scent can instantly set the mood. These fragrances are perfect for making romantic soaps, candles and other gifts.

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla is a deliciously sweet combination of blackberries, strawberries and raspberries blended with vanilla, jasmine and floral notes.
  • Champagne has notes of pear, peach, apple and sparkling citrus mingling with spearmint essential oil. It smells great on its own, or can be combined with other fragrance oils to create custom scents.
  • Chocolate Covered Raspberry features notes of raspberry, coconut, strawberry and chocolate reminiscent of decadent raspberries dipped in chocolate. If chocolate’s not your thing, you might also like our Strawberries & Cream fragrance oil.
  • Endless Love is one of our newest fragrances. With notes of jasmine, rose, citrus, melon and woodsy scent, it’s perfect for making Valentine’s gifts.
  • Fifty Shades is a masculine fragrance with an alluring blend of wild geranium, bergamot and golden amber.
  • Love is a floral fragrance that’s perfectly balanced with bergamot, spicy carnation and sensual base notes of musk. Looking for other romantic floral scents? You might also like fragrances such as Silk & Pearls, Violets & Violas, Sweet Floral, Rose Water or Kissed Orchid.
  • The Gentleman is another masculine scent that works well for Valentine’s themed gifts. With notes of Japanese grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, peppercorn, ginger, patchouli and peppermint, it’s perfect for masculine gifts.

Find more Valentine's Day fragrances in our Romantic & Wedding Fragrance collection!

Our fragrance oils can be used for candles, room spray, soaps, wax melts, shower steamers, body sprays and other fun products. If this is your first time making candles, check out our best safety tips.

While most of our fragrance oils are skin-safe, always check the product page to make sure before making bath or body products.

collection of soap molds

Soap Molds & More

Bath bombs and cute bars of soap make the perfect Valentine’s gift! Whether you’re making things for your loved ones or adding a new product line to your shop, try these fun ideas.

Making soap is incredibly easy with our huge selection of Melt-and-Pour Soap Bases and cosmetic additives. If you’re looking for ultra-clear soap, detergent-free bases or soaps with all-natural ingredients, we’ve got you covered!

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