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Looking for new projects and tutorials? Head to our new blog! This blog is where we are posting all of our latest recipes and projects. Here are a few of our latest projects from Made With NorthWood:

citrus wax melt recipe

Citrus Wax Melts

Learn how to make these cute citrus-inspired wax melts with us! Use our C55 coconut tart wax, your favorite citrus fragrance and our pie-shaped tart molds. Follow Recipe

succulent soap bars

Succulent Soap Bars

Make these on-trend soap bars with adorable succulent shapes embedded inside. this tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about using soap embeds, painting with mica and more! Follow Recipe

glow in the dark car freshies

Glow in the Dark Car Freshies

Our new glow in the dark powders work great with aroma beads! Make these fun glowing car freshies with us in this fun tutorial. Follow Recipe

floral bath bombs

Mini Floral Bath Bombs

Make these cute mini bath bombs with our new Bath Tea blends! These little square bath bombs are the perfect size for a foot bath, or you can add 2-3 to the tub for a regular bath! Follow Recipe

halloween glitter nail polish

Halloween Glitter Nail Polish

Make this fun glitter nail polish with us! This project takes just 5 minutes and requires only a few simple supplies. You can easily customize this tutorial to make festive nail polish for any season. Follow Recipe

Whipped candle wax tutorial

Whipped Candle Wax Tutorial

Learn how easy it is to make whipped candle wax in this fun tutorial! We'll show you how to make whipped wax with just a whisk and CB2 wax. Follow Recipe


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