Rose Petal Bath Milk Recipe

Luxurious Rose Petal Milk Bath | Free Recipe & Video Tutorial

Taking a milk bath is a great way to pamper yourself while nourishing your skin in the process. You can use essentially any kind of milk to create a milk bath, but coconut milk powder is one of the best options out there.

To take a milk bath, you can simply add a few scoops of powdered milk into your bath water. However, this rose petal milk bath recipe is sure to make your bathing experience even more luxurious. With rose petals and Epsom salts, this milk bath recipe also makes a beautiful gift that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. Follow along as we whip up this easy milk bath recipe!

Skill Level: Easy

Hands-On Time: 30 minutes

Yield: Two 16 oz jars of milk bath mix

Rose Petal Bath Milk Blend



Project Overview

We’ll start by adding color and fragrance to the Epsom salts. The Epsom salts are spread onto a foil-lined baking sheet and baked in the oven at a low temp. Not only does this help them dry out quickly, it also helps prevent them from clumping. If you prefer, you can also let the Epsom salts sit out overnight to dry.

Once the Epsom salts are dry, you will combine the rest of your ingredients and package them in jars. The ingredients can be mixed together or layered in the jar for a different effect.

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Video Tutorial for Making Rose Petal Bath Milk

Follow along as we show you how to make this easy recipe! The step-by-step tutorial below provides additional information that will help you make this recipe.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Rose Petal Milk Bath

  1. Preheat your oven to 175 degrees F, or the lowest heat setting available on your oven.
  2. In one of your mixing bowls, weigh out 10 oz of Epsom salts.
  3. Add 2 oz of baking soda to the bowl.
  4. Use a pipette to transfer 2 ml of Tea Rose Pear fragrance oil to the bowl.
  5. Add 2 to 4 micro scoops of Rose Quartz Mica Powder to the bowl and stir thoroughly.
  6. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with tin foil. Make sure the foil completely covers the sheet, then spread the Epsom salt mixture onto the foil-lined sheet. Do not put scented Epson salts directly onto a baking sheet that you plan on using for cooking again. Fragrance oils should not come in direct contact with supplies you plan on using with food in the future.
  7. Bake the salts for 15 minutes, removing the pan to stir the salts every 5 minutes. Stir carefully to avoid ripping the foil. The back of a spoon works great for stirring – just sweep the spoon over the salts to stir them around.
  8. When the salts are dry, let them cool in the pan. Once cool, you can carefully pick up the foil by the edges and use it to transfer the salts into a bowl. Be sure to grab enough of the foil’s edge so that it doesn’t when you pick it up.
  9. In separate bowls, weigh out 8 oz of coconut milk powder and 0.5 oz of Rose Petals & Buds.
  10. When the salts are cool and dry, the mixture can be added to the jars. You can choose between mixing all the ingredients together or layering the ingredients in the jar for a different effect. If you layer the mix, be sure to put an equal amount of each ingredient into both jars.
  11. Attach labels with ingredients and instructions for use.

Note: It is safe to bake Epsom salts. When baking for a short amount of time at a low temp, the fragrance will not burn off. The fragrance will not harm your oven, and will dissipate after baking is complete. If the fragrance lingers, you can turn the oven on low heat for 10-15 minutes and leave the door cracked open to let it air out before baking food if you like.

How to Use Milk Bath

How to Use the Milk Bath Mixture

Whether you’re giving these milk bath jars as a gift or keeping them for yourself, it helps to know how to use them. Simply fill the tub with warm water and pour the milk bath mixture in. Depending on your preference, you can add half the jar or pour in the entire jar in. Stir the water to help the ingredients dissolve. The rose petals will float at the top, while the milk and Epsom salts will dissolve. With the addition of mica, your milk bath will be tinted slightly pink.

When you’re done bathing, scoop the petals out of the tub or put a strainer in the drain. You want to avoid letting too many of the petals go down the drain.

Even if you don’t use a strainer, most of the petals will stick to the tub as it drains. This is because most of them float and remain at the surface, even as it drains. After the tub is empty, you can simply scoop them out with a towel for easy cleanup.

Note: This mixture should not be used in a jetted tub. The ingredients may clog the jets and cause damage.

Safety Tips for Using Bath Milk

Like other bath products, milk powder can potentially make the tub slippery. Please be cautious when getting in and out of the tub. If you package your bath milk in glass jars, please use caution when handling the container. Avoid handling the jars if your hands are wet. To prevent breakage, bath products packed in glass jars should be stored in a secure place where they can’t accidentally get knocked over. Do not let children handle bath products in glass containers. Plastic Mason jars are an alternative that you may consider using.

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Thanks for your response. I’m making this today. Let’s see how it will turn out. Beautiful, I expect.

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Hi Ana, thanks for your comment! I haven’t tried regular milk powder but I expect it would work the same.

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Hello. The coconut milk powder can be replace for simple milk powder? Thanks. Love your blog.

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