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Behind the Scenes! How We Process & Fill Your Orders

Have you ever wondered what goes into filling and processing your order when you shop with us? Today we’re going to give you a little sneak peek at what we do to fill your orders! We have a small, but dedicated team of staff and we all work together to get your orders shipped out as quickly as possible.

When orders are placed, we print all the new invoices and go through them one-by-one. A staff member checks the quantities of items that you ordered and highlights any multiples so that our order pickers will grab the right number of items when packing your order.

When going through orders, we also hand-write a “Thank you!” on every invoice, every time. Each and every order is important to us whether this is your first order or your 100th!

Invoices are then organized by the type of item ordered so that we can pick and pack your orders more efficiently. For example, orders with cases of wax go straight to our wax shipping department, while orders with 1oz samples go to our sample-filling department.

NorthWood Fragrance Oil Bottles

Filling Fragrances

Did you know that we hand-fill every fragrance bottle to order? We do this for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it means that fragrances are not sitting in a bottle on a shelf for weeks or months waiting for someone to order it. All of our fragrances are stored securely in large containers until needed for an order. Pouring fragrances as-needed ensures that they are always as fresh as they can be.

Second, filling fragrances to order actually saves time for our staff in the long run, helping us fill your orders more quickly and efficiently. When we process a new batch of orders, we fill all the fragrances for it at one time, while fragrances from the previous batch of orders are being packed and shipped out. We process orders in small batches to keep this system moving efficiently. 

Third, we fill fragrances to order so that you can always order the quantity you want when you want it. Although we do occasionally sell out of our most popular fragrances from time to time, filling fragrances to order means that you can get the exact bottle size you want without having to worry about it being out of stock.

Induction-Sealed Bottles!

Did you know? As of January 2023, we have started using an induction sealer to affix a foil seal onto our fragrance bottles. This is done to prevent leaks that may occur during shipping. The vast majority of our fragrances are delivered without any leaking or spilling. However, we know that no matter how carefully we pack your orders, leaks can still occur. We understand how frustrating this can be for our customers, which is why we began this new process of heat-sealing our bottles. As an added bonus, heat sealing does not affect how long it takes to fill your fragrances!

Packaging Boxes

Packing & Shipping

When our packaging department receives your order, they review the invoice and circle all of the items as they are picked. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using recycled packaging materials and using recyclable materials whenever possible. We also try to reduce our impact by selecting the smallest box size we can use while still packing your order securely.

After being packed, each package is weighed and entered into our system for printing a shipping label. Finally, labels are attached and your package is then handed off to the post office or UPS. We strive to have every package at the post office or on the UPS truck on the same day that the label was created.

While tracking info sometimes takes a day or so to be updated, you can rest assured knowing that your package is actually leaving our warehouse the day that you receive a tracking number.

Please note: As an exception, we may print shipping labels on holidays that we remain open but the post office is closed. In situations like these, the package will be dropped off at the post office the next day that it is open for business, or picked up by UPS the next day that they are operating. We do this in order to keep up with order volume and maintain efficiency. Also note that on rare occasions, UPS packages may be picked up the day after the shipping label is created if UPS arrives at the warehouse earlier than usual for our scheduled daily pick-ups.

Processing Times

We know how important it is for you to get your order in a timely manner. Our current expected order processing time is always posted at the top of our website for your reference. We strive to always fill orders within the posted time so that you can plan ahead for the products you need.

What is processing time? Processing time refers to the amount of time we need to print and review your invoice, fill your fragrances, pick any other items from our warehouse, pack your order, and get a shipping label printed. It doesn’t include the time it takes for your package to be delivered once the post office or UPS receives it.

How long does it actually take? Depending on the shipping method and where you are located, it may take anywhere from 1-6+ days for your package to be delivered once it leaves our warehouse. As much as we wish we could, there’s nothing we can do to change how fast packages are delivered.

We also want our customers to be aware that our order processing time refers to business days, and does not include weekends. This is because we are closed on weekends in order to give our staff a good work-life balance.

Order processing times can also vary depending on factors that are outside of our control. As a company with a small staff, things such as bad weather, illnesses, and other similar factors can have a significant impact on us. Whatever life throws our way, we always do our best to keep up so we can meet the processing times posted on our website.

Sales and promotions can also affect processing times. However, if we anticipate that a planned sale will lead to an increased processing time, we will update the processing time posted on our website accordingly so that you can plan ahead. Please note that we cannot always accurately predict the volume of orders that may be received during a sale. If we end up receiving a higher volume of orders than expected, we may not always be able to keep the posted processing time accurate during sales.

Thank you for being one of our customers!

We appreciate each and every one of our customers, and are so grateful for your continued business and support. A lot of care and effort goes into filling and packing your orders, and we strive to always be as fast and accurate as we possibly can. We hope that this behind-the-scenes glimpse into our order processing method helps answer any questions you might have about what happens after you place an order!  

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