grapefruit wax melts recipe

Grapefruit Wax Melt Recipe

If you've been looking for an easy spring wax melt recipe, try our grapefruit wax melt tutorial! This recipe uses our Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil and candle dye to create pretty pink wax melts that smell just like the real thing.

The best part about this recipe is that you can quickly and easily customize it with any other citrus fragrance oil. For example, you could use Lemon fragrance oil with yellow dye chips. The possibilities are endless.

This recipe uses our pie shaped wax melt containers. You can get creative with your labels to make your wax melts look just like citrus fruit. Simply print out a citrus fruit design on a round label and stick it to the front of the container!

grapefruit wax melts

The recipe itself is super easy. All you need to do is melt wax, add color & fragrance, and pour it into the molds. We made our wax melts extra pretty by sprinkling some glitter on top.

Find the full Grapefruit Wax Melt Tutorial on our recipe blog!

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