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Finding Fragrance Oils Just Got Easier!

Today we just wanted to highlight our newest navigation feature on our website. In the past, all of our fragrances appeared on one page, and the only way to search for specific themes was to select various filters. Don’t worry, you can still rely on all of your favorite filters for finding a fragrance. However, you can now browse by theme as well!

Meet the New Fragrance Collections

Sometimes you have a type of scent in mind but have no idea where to begin. We’ve all been there! To make it a little easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve split our fragrances into 16 distinct themes.

  • Autumn: Explore the fragrances of fallen leaves, pumpkins and apples galore. This collection is full of scents that will help your fall candle line stand out from the rest. If you’re not that into pumpkins, don’t worry. There are actually just as many non-pumpkin fragrances in here as there are pumpkin ones!
  • Best-Selling: If you’re new to fragrance oils and don’t know what the most popular fragrances are, we made it easy for you with this collection. See what everyone else is raving about and try some of our top-selling fragrance oils for yourself.
  • Coffee & Beverage: Here you’ll find everything from frothy lattes to sparkling champagnes. We so many yummy drink-inspired fragrances that they deserve their own collection. Try fragrances like Hazelnut Cappuccino, Appletini, Beer, Lemonade Stand and many more!
  • Floral & Green: Want something fresh and sweet? This category is for you. If you want something natural smelling that’s not overly floral, try a leafy fragrance such as Baby Bibb Lettuce, Green Clover & Aloe or Green Clover, all of which can be found in this collection.
  • Fresh & Clean: This collection has a ton of fragrances that will leave your home smelling amazingly clean. Use them in candles or room spray to freshen things up, or make your own clean-smelling bath products such bath bombs or shower steamers.
  • Fragrance Oil Duplications: Love a scent from Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret or other big brands? Chances are we carry a top-notch duplication in this collection. Make your own premium candles and home products by grabbing a few of these great dupes.
  • Fruit & Citrus: These fragrances are bright, zesty and sweet. This collection includes unique citrus and fruit blends, as well as single-note fruit fragrances you can use to blend your own custom fragrances.
  • Holiday & Winter: Looking for something warm, cozy and nostalgic? We bet it’s in here. This collection has classic Christmas scents like Christmas Pine and Cinnamon Spice, as well as nontraditional holiday scents that will set the mood for the season. Here you’ll also find cozy fragrances that will keep you feeling snug all winter long.
  • Kitchen & Bakery: If you want your home to always have a delicious aroma, grab a few of our kitchen and bakery scents. Now your kitchen will smell like you just made a fresh pie or batch of cookies without having to put any of the work in.
  • Masculine Fragrances: Finding masculine fragrances can sometimes be challenging, which is why we put them all together in one collection. Find our most alluring teakwood, tobacco, bourbon and cedarwood fragrances in this collection, along with our favorite cologne duplications.
  • Perfume & Cologne: Have a favorite perfume or cologne? See if we carry a duplication here! You don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for luxury perfume and cologne. Make your own for pennies on the dollar with one of these dupes and a some of our Body & Room Spray Base.
  • Romantic & Wedding: Perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day or your big day. This collection of sweet and romantic fragrances also includes our most sensual and alluring scents. Great for making gifts, wedding favors or projects for yourself.
  • Single Note Fragrances: If you’ve ever dreamed of blending your own fragrances, it couldn’t be easier with our single-note fragrance collection. Combine your own base, middle and top notes to create gifts and products that stand out from all the rest.
  • Spicy & Herbal: Create luxe products with scents like lavender, eucalyptus and mint. This collection includes all of our herb and spice-inspired fragrances, as well as other earthy and herby notes.
  • Spring & Summer: Looking for something tropical or beachy? Check out our spring & summer fragrances. This collection also includes fruity cocktails, sweet coconut fragrances and fresh laundry scents just to name a few.
  • Warm & Woodsy: Find your favorite woods and pine fragrances here, along with other cozy scents that will make your home smell inviting. These complex, earthy and alluring fragrances are great for any season.

How to Browse Fragrance Collections

It’s super easy to find our new fragrance themes. Method one is to click our main navigation menu and hover over “Fragrances” to see the list of fragrance collections. On a mobile browser, you simply have to click “Fragrances” in the menu to see the collections. Method two is to visit our homepage and click “View All” by the Our Collections section at the top of the page. That’s it!

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