Christmas & Winter Fragrances – Without Pine Notes

Christmas & Winter Fragrances – Without Pine Notes

Pine fragrance oils are among our top sellers, especially during the holidays as you might imagine. However, not everyone is a fan of pine scented fragrances. That doesn’t mean you have to skip Christmas fragrance oils altogether. In fact, there are many winter and Christmas fragrances without notes of pine trees! If you aren’t a fan of pine, cedar, balsam, or fir scents, check out this list of amazing Christmas fragrances that are just as festive.

Cozy Winter Fragrances

Cracklin Birch – This fragrance evokes the cozy feeling of sitting by winter campfire as the warmth envelops you. Notes of bergamot, orange, lemon, lily, rose, patchouli, vetiver, and tonka make this a complex and inviting fragrance.

Cozy Weather – If you like our ever-popular Sweater Weather fragrance oil, give Cozy Weather a try! This fragrance has vibes of walking through the woods on a cold day wrapped snuggly in your favorite scarf and hat.

Christmas Cottage – Escape to a winter getaway in the mountains with this cozy fragrance. Notes of pear, mulling spices, cinnamon, ginger, tonka, nutmeg, and vanilla come together create a cozy scent you’ll want to live in all winter.

Welcome Home – Relive that feeling of coming home for the holidays with this nostalgic fragrance oil. Welcome Home has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and vanilla that make us feel like we’re walking into a warm home full of freshly baked Christmas cookies.

Flannel – Wrap yourself up in a cozy plaid blanket with this fragrance. Notes of bergamot, mahogany, lavender, woods, musk, and vanilla blend perfectly together to create a refreshing and cozy scent.

Country Spice – This blend of cinnamon, cloves, greens, powder, vanilla, and woods is great for holiday and winter candles. This fragrance reminds us of a cozy home filled with the scent of baked goods and mulled wine. 

Minty & Spicy Holiday Fragrances

Twisted Peppermint – One of our all-time best sellers for Christmas, Twisted Peppermint is an irresistible blend of cool peppermint, cream, vanilla, and sugar. Wonderful for candles as well as bath and body products.

Candy Cane Kiss – Quickly becoming another favorite holiday scent, Candy Cane Twist has notes of sugar crystals, mint, peppermint, orange zest, frozen musk, and vanilla. We tried so many different candy cane scents and this is the only one that nailed the subtle cream notes to make a spot on fragrance.

Cinnamon Spice – A true Christmas classic! Cinnamon Spice is a zesty, bold cinnamon scent without being sharp. It’s reminiscent of Red Hots candy and the classic cinnamon scented pinecones you can find everywhere around the holidays.

Cinnamon Bayberry – Spicy cinnamon notes are balanced beautifully with the soft fruity notes of bayberry in this iconic Christmas scent. Cinnamon Bayberry smells amazing in candles, wax melts, soap, and more.

Cinnamon & Amber – Another great cinnamon scent, this fragrance mellows out the sharpness of cinnamon with warm amber notes. This fragrance smells cozy, warm, and inviting whether you use it in candles, room spray, or soap.

Fruity & Floral Christmas Fragrances

Sugarplum Wish – It wouldn’t be Christmas without visions of sugarplums would it? This fragrance is a unique holiday scent with notes of almond, cinnamon, coconut, berries, sugar, woods, vanilla, and musk. It’s great for bath & body products as well as candles and more.

Wassail – This classic fragrance has notes of sweet apple, citrus, woods, raspberry, and orange. It reminds us of a delicious glass of warm mulled wine enjoyed by the fireplace with friends.

Holiday Pear – This Christmas pear fragrance has notes of cinnamon, clove, citrus, cherry, apple, peach, coconut, vanilla, and of course, pear. Warm, spicy, and fruity, it’s perfect for holiday candles and soaps.

Cranberry Spice – You can’t go wrong with cranberry scents for the holidays. Cranberry Spice is a wonderful blend of fruit, citrus, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cotton candy, raspberry, and cranberry. You might also like our Spiced Cranberry fragrance.

Mulberry – Sometimes overlooked as a Christmas scent, Mulberry is one you don’t want to miss! This fragrance has a great nostalgic and old-fashioned feel for your holiday creations. It’s a great fruit scent that instantly reminds us of Christmas without being spicy or full of pine notes.

Poinsettia – Another classic Christmas aroma, our Poinsettia fragrance oil is a unique addition to your candle line. Citrus and floral notes of lemon, air, apple, rose, waterlily and poinsettia flowers are balanced out with base notes of sandalwood and dry musk. Great for soap and bath products too!

Christmas Bakery Scents

Gingerbread Crunch – This delicious smelling fragrance will instantly make your home smell like a batch of fresh baked gingerbread! Great for making candles and wax melts with a perfect balance of spices, butter, and vanilla. You might also like our classic Gingerbread Man fragrance.

Holiday Cookie Tray – Smells just like a plate full of everyone’s favorite Christmas cookies! This fragrance is great for candles, lotion, wax melts, soap, and more.

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar – This classic holiday scent captures the inviting aroma of roasted nuts balanced out with sweet brown sugar. It smells good enough to eat! 

Peppermint Hot Cocoa – This fragrance smells just like a steaming mug of cocoa with a shot of spicy peppermint. It’s sure to make you feel warm and cozy on a cold day.

Hot Cocoa & Cream – If you’re looking for a classic hot cocoa fragrance oil, this one’s for you. Hot Cocoa & Cream has notes of chocolate, nutmeg, vanilla, sandalwood, milk, and almond.

Shortbread Cookies – This fragrance oil reminds us of sweet, buttery spritz cookies made with a cookie press. Notes of cookie crumbles, butter, creamy coconut, vanilla, and sugar blend together to create this delicious smelling fragrance.

Cookie Sprinkles – There’s no such thing as too many cookies at Christmas, is there? This fragrance nails it with notes of sugar crystals, rainbow sprinkles, teakwood, cookie dough, amber, tonka, and vanilla.

Cranberry Harvest – A unique bakery scent, Cranberry Harvest has notes of cream, cranberry, raspberry, and just a pinch of salty notes to balance it out. This fragrance smells great in candles, soap, and more.

Crisp & Refreshing Winter Fragrances

Frozen Lake – Take a refreshing walk – or ski – through the winter woods with this fragrance oil. Frozen Lake is crisp, cool, and refreshing for winter candles and more.

Ice Crystals – This fragrance has notes of mint, woods, and spices mixed with essential oils like clove leaf, peppermint, and cornmint. Although it also has a touch of cedarwood essential oil, Ice Crystals does not have a distinctively strong pine scent. It reminds us of winter branches glistening with frost after a snowstorm.

Winter Morning – One of our top sellers for winter, this fragrance is a perfect blend of sweet musk, light floral, and crisp greens. It captures the feeling of stepping outside on a cold winter’s day to find everything covered in a beautiful layer of crystalized frost.

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