Aroma Beads FAQ

Aroma Beads FAQ: Helpful Things to Know Before Making Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are small plastic pellets that can be scented, colored and made into air fresheners. There are countless ways to use aroma beads! Below, learn everything you need to know about these little beads so you can start creating. 

Please note: Our aroma bead instructions might differ from instructions you have received from other aroma bead suppliers. If you are experienced with making aroma beads be aware that our aroma bead instructions might also be different from the process that you are accustomed to using. Please follow our instructions when using our aroma beads. We have done extensive testing to determine the best process for using our aroma beads. 

What are aroma beads?

Aroma beads are made of virgin ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic, sometimes referred to as poly ethyl vinyl acetate (PEVA). This type of plastic has a slightly rubbery, yet firm feel. It is ideal for melting into shapes and has the ability to absorb colors and scents.

aroma bead pellets

Are aroma beads the same thing as poly pellets?

No. Poly pellets might look the same as aroma beads, but they are made from polypropylene. This type of plastic does not absorb fragrance and color in the same way that EVA plastic does.

We do not recommend using poly pellets in place of aroma beads when making scented projects. However, you can use aroma beads for various types of projects that require poly pellets if you want. For example, both types of pellets can be used to make stuffed toys or weighted blankets.

Are aroma beads safe?

EVA plastic is BPA-free and phthalate-free. EVA pellets are not the same thing as EVA foam, which has a bad rap because it contains formaldehyde. The EVA pellets we sell do not contain formaldehyde.

While aroma beads are safe to use, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind: 

  • EVA pellets do not emit any harmful odors when melted at appropriate temperatures (we recommend an oven temp no greater than 350 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • When melted at excessively high temperatures, aroma beads may burn and emit smoke.
  • Do not expose beads to direct flames.
  • Beads should not be used with a potpourri burner or wax tart warmer.
  • Beads may pose a slipping hazard if spilled on the floor. Please carefully sweep up the beads right away if you spill any.
  • Keep beads out of reach of children & pets. Beads pose a choking hazard due to their small size.
  • Once fragrance is added, aroma beads and air fresheners should not be used for any projects that will come in contact with food.
  • Tools and accessories used for mixing beads or melting beads into shapes should not be used again for food prep or come into contact with food.
  • If using aroma beads in a project that will come in contact with skin, please use skin-safe fragrances. Refer to the IFRA statement for each fragrance to learn if it is skin safe.

How big are aroma beads

How big are aroma beads?

Each pellet is approximately 3 to 4mm in length. Beads are flat and oval shaped, which helps prevent them from rolling all over the place if they spill. Pellets are uniform in size, which helps them melt evenly. However, exact size and shape can vary slightly from one bead to the next.

What is the volume of aroma beads per pound?

One pound of aroma beads equals approximately 3½ cups. Exact measurements can vary, which is why we recommend weighing beads with a digital scale or our 16 oz scale when doing projects.

What is the melting point of EVA plastic?

Aroma beads will start melting at around 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need to use oven temps between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit to get the beads to melt together.

What can you do with aroma beads?

There are so many ways to use aroma beads! Here are just a few fun projects to try:

  • Put beads in a muslin sachet or organza bag to make an air fresher.
  • Make car freshies by melting scented beads into fun shapes.
  • Place beads in a clear glass jar for a fragrant centerpiece.
  • Use beads as a scented filler for stuffed toys.

Check out our blog for more tutorials and project ideas!

Can I recycle aroma beads?

Unused (unscented) aroma beads may be recyclable depending on where you live. EVA is a number 7 plastic. If you have unused aroma beads, you may inquire with your local recycling agency to learn if it is accepted. 

How do I dispose of aroma bead projects that have lost their scent?

Once an air freshener or car freshie has lost its scent, you might think throwing it in the trash is the only option. However, there are several things you can do with freshies that don’t smell anymore. We recommend trying some of these projects that allow you to keep using your beads while reducing plastic waste:

  • Tie a shiny ribbon on old car freshies and use them as Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Spritz a small amount of fragrance oil onto your car freshies to revive the scent. The oil won’t absorb in the same way it would with un-melted beads, but it will keep them smelling fresh.
  • Hang old car freshies in the window and use them as a sun catcher.

You can also check our blog for more aroma bead inspiration! If an aroma bead project can’t be reused or revived, items made with aroma beads can be disposed of in the trash. 

Ready to start making projects with aroma beads? Check out Aroma Beads 101: Everything You Need to Know About Making Aroma Beads

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Hi Karen, freshies and aroma beads tend to hold their scent for several weeks but the length of time can vary depending on where/how they are stored and used. Scents can fade more quickly if there’s a lot of airflow for example.

Robin from NorthWood

Hi I was wondering what is the best scent oil to freshies lose their scent so quickly no matter how much I put in


Hi Kelly, no the aroma beads will stay the same size when fragrance is added.

Robin from NorthWood

Do aroma beads expand in size once fragrance oil is added?


Hi Liv, any odor from the beads should go away once you add fragrance oil. Some batches of beads may have a mild vinegar smell but we have found that this is not noticeable once fragrance is added.

Robin from NorthWood

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