5 fun projects that say hello, spring!

Spring is almost here, but for us, the warm weather can’t come soon enough! We have a ton of great products that will help you welcome the new season, so we wanted to share a few fun project ideas to spark your creativity.

wax melt clamshell containers

1. Spring-Scented Wax Melts

When it comes to scented products, wax melts are pretty much the easiest thing you can make. If you’re looking for an instant gratification project, grab your melting pot, some C-55 Coconut Tart Wax and your favorite spring fragrance. Fragrances like Hyacinth, Lilac and Freesia & Jasmine are good choices, but if you don’t like floral scents, fresh fragrances like Breeze, Grapefruit & Greens or Hung Out to Dry might be more for you.

Looking for the perfect container? Try our Wax Melt Clamshell Containers (pictured above).

dried lavender buds

2. Botanical-Infused Soap

Soapmaking often feels intimidating for beginners, but it might be easier than you thought! We sell a variety of melt & pour soap bases that take all of the stress out of making your own soap at home. Try making some lavender-infused soap bars with one of our many silicone soap molds, some Dried Lavender Buds and a dash of Premium Lavender Fragrance Oil.

Giving it as a gift? Package your soap bars beautifully with a Kraft Paper Soap Box.

3. Geo Tin Candles

Part of the fun in making candles is choosing a container. If you haven’t tried them yet, grab a few of our fun spring-colored Geo Diamond Tins. Available in pink, blue, white or green, these tins are perfect for making 10-oz candles with a variety of fun spring fragrances. We recommend trying our Soy Wax Flakes or CB2 Wax, both of which are great for container candles.

herbal bath tea blend

4. Herbal Bath Tea

Nothing is more soothing than a bath tea soak. Making your own bath tea is also one of the easiest projects ever. There are plenty of DIY recipes out there, but we also have a bath tea blend that’s ready to go. Our blend features calming ingredients like chamomile, rose petals, rosemary, spearmint and juniper berries. Use it alone for a relaxing herbal soak, or mix it with your own ingredients to create an even more complex blend.

Don’t forget to grab a muslin drawstring bag to use as a sachet. Not only do sachets keep drains clear, they also make it easier to package bath tea as a gift!

5. Raincloud Bath Bombs

It wouldn’t be spring without a few rainclouds. But rain doesn’t have to be gloomy! Making raincloud bath bombs with our cloud-shaped molds or rainbow cloud molds is a fun way to say hello to spring. Want it scented? Try adding a dewy, fresh fragrance such as Ozonic or Rainforest, both of which are safe for body products.

Did you know? We sell citric acid, baking soda, Lathanol LAL, Epsom salts, bath bomb colorants and other ingredients you need to make DIY bath bombs.

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