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12 Creative Things You Can Do with Just 1 oz of Fragrance

1 oz fragrances are among our most popular products because they allow you to sample a scent before deciding to buy a larger amount. However, samples are useful for more than just sniffing purposes. If you’re someone who buys dozens of samples, you might be wondering just what you can do with all those tiny bottles. If you need to make room in your fragrance stash, put those samples to good use with these project ideas!

1oz of fragrance oil


  1. Wax melts. Wax melts are perfect for using small amounts of fragrance. Grab a slab of our C55 wax and a wax cutter to make your life easier. C55 wax can hold up to 10% fragrance, which means you will need .625 pounds of wax for 1 oz of fragrance, assuming you want a 10% fragrance load. Simply heat your wax until it’s fully melted, then stir in your fragrance and pour it into our wax melt containers or a silicone wax tart mold.


  1. Wax brittle. Want something even easier than wax melts? Make a bit of wax brittle instead! No mold required – just mix your wax and fragrance as described above, then pour it onto a flat, non-stick surface that is wide enough for your wax to spread to about ¼” thick. Lining your work surface with nonstick parchment paper can help you remove the wax bark. When it cools, break it into pieces and package it up in an airtight baggie or container. Wax brittle can look a little boring on its own, so experiment with adding colorants or botanicals like lavender buds.


  1. Outdoor fire starters. This fun project is perfect for using up the last little bit of wax in your melt pot when you’re done making candles, but you can also make fire starters from scratch. To make a fire starter, you’ll need to have some form of mold, such as a silicone mold (soap molds work great) or a cupcake liner. If using cupcake liners, be it helps to place them in a cupcake pan so the wax doesn’t cause the liner to spill as you’re pouring.

 Essentially any kind of candle wax can be used for fire starters, so it’s a great way to use up wax scraps. If you’re working with 1 oz of fragrance, remember you can use .625 pounds of wax for a 10% fragrance load. Next, gather some bits of kindling to add to your fire starters. One of the best things to use is leftover bits of wicks that you’ve trimmed while making candles. Pinecones can also look attractive placed in the middle. 

 * It’s recommended that you only use scented fire starters in outdoor fires, not fireplaces. Fragrance oils – even when mixed with wax – may present a safety hazard if you use them to start an indoor fire *


  1. A single candle. Although you’re probably used to pouring multiple candles at once, it’s sometimes fun to make just one candle at a time. 1 oz of fragrance can make 1-2 candles, depending on the size of your vessels, your intended fragrance load and the amount of wax you use. Making a single candle is a fun way to experiment with a new candle container or new technique. And if you’re not too fond of the fragrance yourself, the candle can make a nice gift for someone who would appreciate the scent.


  1. Tealights. Bigger candles tend to get all the glory, but tealights can be just as much fun. Grab a pack of our tealight wicks and votives, then get making! Selling them or giving them as a gift? We have tealight boxes that can hold up to 10 tealights.


  1. A few bars of soap. With how easy melt & pour soap base is to use, there’s no excuse not to give soapmaking a try! When you’re new to soapmaking, it can take a little time to get used to the process and the right fragrance load. Using 1 oz fragrances is a great way to learn. Just make sure you’re using fragrances that are skin-safe (not all are). Refer to the IFRA statements on each fragrance product page to check the maximum safe levels for body products. You can find lots of melt & pour soap recipes in our blog!


  1. Bath bombs. Take your baths to the next level by making your own bath bombs. We sell all the supplies you need to make bath bombs, such as citric acid, Epsom salts, baking soda, molds and more! If you have some skin-safe 1 oz fragrances lying around, it’s easy to whip up a few relaxing bath bombs at home for a fraction of the cost!


  1. Shower steamers. A shower steamer is like a bath bomb for your shower, which means the process for making a shower steamer is pretty similar to making bath bombs. With the humidity of a shower, these fizzies are perfect for clearing your sinuses when you use certain fragrances such as our Sinus Relief Blend. They can also help you relax if you use scents like lavender, available as a fragrance oil or essential oil.


  1. Room spray. Want to make your house smell fresh without lighting a candle or using a wax melt? Make room spray! All you need is a small spray bottle, an ounce of fragrance and some Body & Room Spray Base. Follow this simple room spray tutorial and you’ll have a fresh smelling home in minutes. 1 oz of fragrance can make four or more ounces of room spray.


  1. Perfume. Essentially any scent can be used for room spray, but what if you have samples of our perfume and cologne scents? Use some Body & Room Spray Base or Luxury Perfume Base to make your own cologne or perfume body spray for a fraction of the cost! Just make sure the fragrances you use are safe for body products, and that you’re using them at a safe concentration. All this info can be found on the product page for each fragrance.


  1. Hand lotion. Did you know you can make your own hand lotion with simple ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil? You don’t need a lot of fragrance oil to make a small batch of hand lotion, which makes it the perfect project for using up 1 oz samples. Just make sure you use skin-safe fragrances at a safe concentration for lotion.


  1. Car air fresheners. There are countless types of air fresheners to buy for your car, but most are made with cheap fragrances that usually don’t smell very good. There are tons of ways to make your own air fresheners, but one of the easiest methods is to simply dab a small amount of fragrance oil onto a piece of felt. Just cut out a felt shape, attach a string so it can hang, and voila!

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What are your favorite ways to use fragrance samples? Let us know us in the comments below!

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