Resin Crafts: 10 Fun Projects You Can Make with Resin

Resin Crafts: 10 Fun Projects You Can Make with Resin

Epoxy resin is such a fun crafting medium! You can use it to make countless different projects that are not only beautiful, but also practical. If you need some project inspiration, we’ve got you covered with this list of things to make with resin! 

If you’re new to resin, we recommend checking out Epoxy Resin 101 for an overview of working with resin. This will cover some basics you might want to know before diving in. Now on to the projects!

resin coasters

Coasters & Trivets 

No list of resin craft projects would be complete without including coasters. Resin coasters are one of the most popular things you can make! There are tons of different silicone coaster molds to choose from, but any large silicone mold with a flat surface can be used to make coasters. Our Square Mold and Round Mold are perfect options. If using silicone soap molds such as these, be sure to only fill the mold partially full when making coasters. 

Follow our easy resin coaster tutorial to learn how to make your own sparkly coasters!


Any small silicone mold can be used to make cute resin keychains. Simply mix resin with your favorite colorants or liquid dye and pour it into the mold. After curing, drill a hold into the resin and use a screw eye pin so you can attach it to a chain and jump ring or keychain clip. 

resin serving tray

Serving Trays 

Clear epoxy resin can be used to give just about any type of serving tray a fun new design. One easy method is to mix your favorite colorants with resin and pour it onto a serving tray. You can also arrange photos, artwork, pressed flowers, or other items on a serving tray and pour clear resin over the top. For a more advanced project, you can use a mold to create a solid resin serving tray and attach handles after it cures. The creative possibilities are endless!

pressed flowers in resin

Pressed Flower Art

Preserving pressed flowers is a great way to use resin. One popular way to use dried flowers in resin is to simply pour clear resin into a square or rectangular mold and arrange pressed flowers onto the surface. You can also use pressed flowers in paper weights, jewelry, and countless other resin projects. 

Before using flowers in resin, make sure they are fully dry. You will want to avoid using fresh flowers, as these generally turn brown and can decompose even when enclosed in resin. Even dried flowers can discolor if you don’t prepare them first. For best results, spray dried flowers with a few coats of clear acrylic spray and let this dry before using the flowers. 


Just about any large mold can be used to make a resin paperweight. All you need to do is mix up your resin and pour it into the mold. Inclusions like dried flowers or glitter both look great in paperweights, or you can keep it simple by just mixing in colorants. When making paperweights, keep in mind that the maximum recommended size for our resin is 10.5 oz or 300 grams. Larger objects may have difficulty curing.  

resin jewelry

Jewelry & Accessories 

It’s easy to make resin jewelry and hair accessories. Resin is very popular for making necklace pendants, earrings, beads, and more. You can also make resin bangles, rings, hair barrettes, and other projects! Get creative by using glitter, glow in the dark powder, or even pressed flowers.

resin table top

Resin Table Tops 

You can get some really cool effects by pouring resin over a wood surface. One of the most popular types of projects is to pour resin into wood cracks to make an artistic table top. Resin can be colored to look like a stream, or mixed with glow powders or glitter to create fun effects. 

Drawer Pulls 

Get creative with your next furniture upgrade! Replace boring drawer pulls with your own handmade resin knobs. You can make resin drawer pulls with just about any type of small silicone mold. Just be sure to add drawer pull hardware so that your knobs are ready to use once cured. 

Hardware can be encased in the resin so that it cures inside – eliminating the need to drill into your finished piece. You will just need to have a system for holding the hardware in the correct position while your project cures, as it will sink to the bottom if not supported. 

Fridge Magnets 

Create your own custom magnets with resin! Essentially any small silicone mold will work for making fridge magnets. Simply mix up your resin, add any colorants or inclusions you want, and wait for the shapes to cure. Once hard, use craft glue to attach magnets to the back. Larger pieces may require multiple magnets.  

resin dice

Gaming Accessories 

Did you know you can make your own gaming accessories with resin? Create unique dice, dominoes, chess pieces, and more by mixing up resin and adding your own custom colors. Silicone molds are available for making standard 6-sided dice and even gaming dice, as well as dominoes, chess pieces, and other accessories. 

Feeling inspired? Check out our collection of resin supplies for all your crafting needs!

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