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Ceda Serica®- Coconut Apricot Candle Wax by CalWax

Ceda Serica®- Coconut Apricot Candle Wax by CalWax

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Size: 1 Slab (Approx 5lb)


Ceda Serica® Coconut Apricot Candle Wax - Buy Wholesale Coconut Candle Wax

New Wax Line Coming Soon! Soy, coconut, coco-apricot, and other custom blends. You're going to LOVE it! All natural, paraffin free, and organic options available. We are just finishing up some final testing so we have the best wick suggestions to help you get started. Watch for an email in the next few weeks for availability and a special sale offer only for current customers.

Ceda Serica® is a natural, rich, creamy, off-white wax blend with stunning, glossy appearance.

  • Proprietary, complex formula of coconut, apricot, and paraffin waxes for the best smelling candles.
  • Great scent throw and container adhesion.
  • Wax is sold in slab form. Slab weights are approximate and may vary.
  • Paraben and phthalate free.

Slabs are shown cut in the product photo for illustrative purposes.

Melt Point: 125-130 Degrees F

For the best results: Melt wax to 200 degrees, add fragrance and pour right away.

This wax should hold up to 12% of most fragrance oils and essential oils. We have found 8% to provide excellent scent throw with most fragrances.

With proper wicking, coconut wax may leave a thin layer of wax on the sides of your containers. This is natural. Using a larger wick size will cause the wax to burn too hot and not be as clean burning. You will generally need to wick down 1-2 sizes from what you would use with a soy candle. As always, proper testing is key to a great burning candle.

Find the right wick for this wax in our blog: How to Choose the Right Candle Wick for Your Wax

Discounted rates for a half (17 cases) or full pallet (35 cases). Contact us for wholesale pricing on bulk orders of coconut apricot candle wax.

This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

Coco Apricot Cream- Ceda Serica® Wax for Candle Making


Our slabs of wax work great with our Straight Edge Cutter.

To improve glass adhesion with our Soy Wax, we recommend adding 2-3% Stearic Acid.

Our Metal Pouring Pitchers work great for pouring your candles!

Try 30 1oz fragrances in our Super Sample Pack!


How do I know which wax to choose?

Each type of wax has properties that make it suitable for different purposes. Most of our waxes are intended to be used in container candles. One exception is our C55 wax, which is specifically formulated for wax tarts. Please review the description on the product page for more detailed information on each type of wax. 

Where can I find instructions for using my wax?

We provide instructions and basic usage guidelines on each wax product page. Please view our wax pages for more information.

What type of wicks work with your wax?

We carry a wide selection of candle wicks for you to choose from. For more information on choosing a candle wick that will perform well, review our Wick FAQ or visit the Candle Making section on our blog, which is full of helpful resources.

Is your wax skin safe? Can I use it for massage purposes?

Because of additional regulations on products made for body use, our wax is sold for candle making only. As an exception, our Beeswax is safe to use in skincare formulations such as lotion and lip balm.

Is paraffin wax safe to use for candles?

Yes, the paraffin used in candle wax is highly-refined, food-grade wax. Please read our paraffin wax article for more information on using paraffin for candles.

Do you have a list of wax ingredients or wax certificates?

All of our waxes are vegan with the exception of beeswax. None of our wax products are tested on animals. Our wax is manufactured in the U.S. by small, custom wax blenders. Because wax blends are proprietary, information is not provided on the specific ingredients and additives, nor is information provided on percentages of different ingredients used. Our manufacturers assure us that the ingredients – including palm oil – are responsibly and sustainably sourced; however, certifications and country of origin statements are not provided.

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