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Plastic Dropper / Pipette

Plastic Dropper / Pipette

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These plastic droppers are perfect for measuring small amounts of liquid when making soaps, lotions, lip balms and more. A dropper pipette is also great for transferring fragrance oils or flavor oils to your recipe.

With easy measurement lines, plastic pipettes are great for making custom blends with your fragrance oils. Simply draw up 1, 2, or 3 ml of fragrance at a time and add it to your recipe.

How to Use Dropper Pipettes

To use a pipette, simply squeeze the bulb at the top of the dropper to push out the air. Then insert the dropper into your liquid product. When you release the bulb, the dropper will fill with liquid. You can check the measurement lines on the pipette and easily adjust the amount of liquid in the dropper by squeezing it again.

Pipettes are great for:

  • Adding fragrance to soap or bath bomb recipes.
  • Dispensing your melted lip balm mixture into tubes.
  • Measuring and adding liquid dyes.
  • Mixing perfume and cologne.
  • Add flavor oil to your lip balm recipes.
  • Creating custom blends with fragrances.
  • Adding liquid cosmetic ingredients like Poly 80, glycerin, or Apricot Oil to your recipes.

Pipette Dropper Product Details

  • Approx Length: 6"
  • 7ml size - will draw approximately 3ml of product
  • Non-Sterile

Always use a new dropper when using a new fragrance or ingredient to prevent cross contamination.

Why Use Plastic Pipette Droppers?

These droppers will work well whenever there is a need for quick, safe transfer of liquids. Low density polyethylene plastic droppers will not shatter or become a hazard like a glass dropper. Since you only use each disposable dropper once, you reduce the chances of getting bacteria/fungus in your products.

Use with our 1 oz plastic measuring cups to mix ingredients and fragrance.

This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

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