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Iridescent Red Mica
Iridescent Violet Mica
Jade glitter
Jade - Glitter
From $2.45
Jam glitter
Jam - Glitter
From $2.45
Kisses glitterKisses - Glitter
Kisses - Glitter
From $2.45
Laser Lemon super sparkle glitterLaser Lemon - Super Sparkle Glitter
Latte glitter
Latte - Glitter
From $2.45
Lavender glitter
Lavender - Glitter
From $2.45
Lavender Mica Pigment
Fluorescent Lemon Yellow Powder Pigment for Soaps and Crafts
Light Blue glitterLight Blue - Glitter
Light Blue Mica Colorant
Light Brown glitter
Light Coral Pink Mica Powder
Light Pink glitter
Light Pink Shimmer Mica Powder
Light Sky Blue Mica
Light Steel Blue Mica
Light Yellow Mica
Lilac glitter
Lilac - Glitter
From $2.45
Purple Lilac Mica Pigment
Lime Matte Glitter
Lime - Glitter
From $2.45
Lucky Charm super sparkle glitterLucky Charm - Super Sparkle Glitter
Magenta glitter
Magenta - Glitter
From $2.45
Magenta Mica Pigment
Magenta Pink Glow in the Dark Powder for SoapMagenta Pink Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder
Magenta Purple Glow in the Dark PowderMagenta Purple Glow in the Dark Powder for Soap
Matte Black glitter
Matte Melon Glitter
Matte Orange glitter
Matte Purple glitter
Matte Red glitter
Matte Sky Glitter
Mauve glitter
Mauve - Glitter
From $2.45
Mellow Melon glitterMellow Melon - Glitter
Metallic Pink Shimmer Mica
Mint glitterMint - Glitter
Mint - Glitter
From $2.45
Green Mint Cream Mica
Moonbeam Super Sparkle GlitterMoon Beam - Super Sparkle Glitter
Moss Green Mica
NorthWoods Forest Green glitter
Oceans glitter
Oceans - Glitter
From $2.45
Olive glitter
Olive - Glitter
From $2.45
Olympic Gold Mica Pigment
Orange glitter
Orange - Glitter
From $2.45
Orange Glow in the Dark Powder for Soap MakingOrange Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder
Orange Mica
Fluorescent Orange Red Powder Pigment for Soaps and Crafts

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